Vardon's Sheet

Vardon Moonvine

Known to mortals as Sam Moonan a writer of racy historical/fantasy fiction romance novels, he is a Sidhe of House Eiluned, a Knight serving the Unseelie Court. When he is Unseelie he is a Ringleader caring about those loyal to him and crushing opposition to those people by any means necessary. When he is Seelie Vardon is Stoic, cutting himself off from his emotions and acting as if he feels nothing.


Vardon's natural Sidhe beauty seeps through into Sam's form, causing him more attention then is often healthy. His hair is dark like shadow in the night smooth bangs ending just below sea green eyes. He wears dark colours, mainly blues and blacks in both his forms, which contrast strikingly with his moon pale skin. In his fae form his ears curve elegantly up.

In his mortal form he has scars most significantly scars and burns on his wrists and ankles he always covers.

All of the jewelry he wear in either form is silver and sparkles like stars. He has a rapier with a moonstone inside of it the basket hilt is made of silver which has a crescent moon and vines that wrap around down to the palmal.

He has a single item he wears in gold, a fire opal with sparkling flecks in it like gold, fire making a sun like pattern. It appears to be a ring for Oath of True Hearts, however most believe it to be a hoax. Showing a false venerability, some have even seen him remove the ring which he could not if he had sworn the oath.


Vardon with thin and dexterous, though he is not the strongest he can take a lot of physical damage and keep going. He is a fair hand with a thin blade like a sabre or a rapier, he is amazing with a smaller weapon like a dagger or a knife. Vardon is at his best when fighting dirty.


Vardon is cunning and imaginative, some would call him smart, however no one would call him a genius. He notices things about people most easily but he is slightly paranoid allowing him to have a good grasp on his surroundings.

His mortal life wasn't easy, and some times he falls into an old addiction to sedative. He comes off as a cold person at times, but cares most about those close to him and shows them a little bit of himself. Ultimately he is never completely an open book.


Vardon is a Shadow Court member, though one of the more moderate members, he truly believes the seasons will stop and the world will end. He learned a Shadow Court Art. Delusion, knowing Innocence and Facade. The normal Fae Art he knows is Chicanery but he only knows Fuddle.

He has some more Secrets that only the Storytellers are aware of.

The Realms he knows are Fae all the way up to Lofty Noble, Scene but only one level and Actor up to Personal Contact.

Vardon has a Chimerical rapier, Chimerical Dagger and Chimerical Noble attire he can wear along with his normal mundane clothes. He has a black switchblade knife which is mundane.

Sam's income is good he is not an unknown Romance Author he writes under the pen name, Samantha Mooney. He has a very nice bachelor's apartment, with a large Wardrobe in front of the real closet for private things.

I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not post taking any hits. I do not want my character killed. If my character is going to be contained or captured I wish for him to be rescued and I wish to be asked first. I want to be asked before any sexual contact.

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