Ualan's Sheet

Ualan Goldstone

A craftsman and squire of House Dougal, Ualan in his Seelie is a Crafter seeing it as his duty to leave things better then how he left them. Is Unseelie side is a Hermit, shutting out the world to follow his own passions. Ualan's maker's mark is two arms making a square, both of them are right arms.

His mortal he is Alan Nelson a high school student, his mother Catherina Nelson, is a Enchanted who is aware of Alan's nature and makes allowances for his squire ship, along with being a Nurse Practitioner who donates her services to a children's shelter that her and Alan live at.


In all of his forms he is a hardy youth with smooth wavy chestnut brown hair, his face is friendly. In his mundane form Alan has average brown eyes, he isn't the type people would call ugly, but some might call him plane. He gravitates towards t-shirts and partly buttoned up dress shirts. His preference in foot ware is a good solid work boot. His hair is neatly short in the mundane world.

In his fae form Ualan is a wholesome and handsome man touched by the beauty of the sidhe. His ears are pointed and his eyes are a brown that warms those who look into them. Ualan prefers noble clothing in red and white with the ability to tie his clothing back so he can work easily at the forge. He has an ornate mechanical brace on his right arm which allows him to use it. In the Dreaming his hair is long and often worn in a braid.


Ualan is physically fit, he is not a body builder but he does a lot of heavy lifting and it shows in his tone and good fitness. He is left handed, in fact he requires a mechanical arm brace in the dreaming to use his right hand at all.

In the mundane world he uses a arm brace so his stiff movements aren't questioned. Despite lacking the use of his right arm Ualan is nimble with his fingers. Not unskilled with a blade be is far better with a smith's hammer.


Ualan is a creative soul who loves to learn and gain information. Ualan is very knowledgeable about smithing and techniques for creating things. He has extensive knowledge of precious stones and decorations.

Having a less then average understanding for politics than the other sidhe. Ualan comes off a little distant and dreamy at times, however he is quite friendly and genuine loving to help others. Often he will chatter onto anyone who has similar interest as he does highly enjoying the company of Nockers.


Ualan is has a lot of Chimeral Clock work inventions, he has mechanical soldiers that follow his orders and are fair at fighting. He has a Treasure Hammer which used Fuddle on items to give them slight magical effects, such as making them shimmer or glow, making decoration seems more real.

His mother is a Sidhe Kithain who is supportive of his duel life style. Ualan possesses up to Earthly Twin in Infusion. His Realms are Fae and Prop, both at Three, Fae to Manifold Chimera and Prop to Mechanical Device.

I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not post taking any hits. I do not want my character killed. If my character is going to be contained or captured I wish for him to be rescued and I wish to be asked first. I want to be asked before any sexual contact.

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