Tainted Kiths

When the Kithain turn from their creator to serve the Famorians they change into vicious and nightmarish version of themselves. This causes their Seelie Legacy to become inverted. What ever the Quest and Ban of the Legacy was it now does the opposite.

When the Kithain become corrupt they turn into new Kiths, the technical term for them is Thallain. Were as the fear Sluagha or Red Caps install is useful and teaches caution, Thallain inspire fear that promotes selfishness and instinctual promoting action without thought.

Aithu: Dangerous Strangers

Original Kith: Eshu

Beasties: Fearsome Monsters

Original Kith: Pooka

Boggarts: Greed's Motivation

Original Kith: Boggans

Bogies: Dependent's Loathing

Original Kith: Slaugha

Ganconer: Painful Desire

Original Kith: Satyrs

Goblins: Treacherous Technology

Original Kith: Nockers

Ogre: Stupid Submission

Original Kith: Trolls

Spriggans: Tragic Trickery

Original Kith: Piskies

Tylwyth Teg: Terrible Beauty

Original Kith: Sidhe
the fae become pale, if their hair was black it becomes light blue, red hair to strawberry blonde, blonde hair to pale blonde. Unlike most Thallain the Sidhe Thallain become more beautiful, but so beautiful that they have become alien. No longer attractive more like a painting or a statue.

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