If You Are in my IRC Changeling Game Use the Changeling-Sheets.

The Sheets for the Elegant System are not your typical Sheet, they are Questions you Answer and write about a Paragraph description putting the Qualities you outline on your sheet in Bold to Let people know that is where your points are. This page will include a list of suggested Qualities however you don't need to include them.

This is meant to make the system more about creating a character and holding them in your mind then about dots on a sheet. If a Player is Struggling with this then just let them list their traits and write their paragraphs later.

Special Qualities are Merits and Flaws and these Should be Included marked as a Merit or a Flaw.

Who Are You

This is where you include things about your character like what your name is, what factions or groups you belong to. Basically anything that would be at the top of a White Wolf Character Sheet Goes here. (Player and Chronicle can be Excluded if the player doesn't wish to break the Fourth Wall.). There will be different Qualities needed for each different game and those will be listed under the relevant Game creation.

What Are Your Physical Qualities

These are the things that you are physical good at, or really really bad at. If you character is Fast, or Strong, or Agile, it should be listed here. Also if they are Clumsy or Weak.


What Are Your Social Qualities

Things you do when you Socialize what do you have that could influence others to do things for you? List them along with anything that could be used against you. Do you have a Charismatic Smile that can't be ignored? Are you friendly? Or are you Shy and don't like standing up against others?


What Are Your Mental Qualities?

Describe the Qualities that make you excellent mentally, or the ones that hold you back. Are you Witty? Are you Knowledgeable? Or are you a little Dull?


What Are You Talented At?

The things that you are talented or skilled at should mentioned here. Are you an Excellent Artist? A Skilled Mechanic? Amazing with Computers?


What is Extraordinary About You?

This Should Included anything you would find at the bottom of a character sheet. Backgrounds, Willpower. Any other things that would fit here. Do you have friends in low places? Do you have a a great job?

Storyteller Notes

Anything that the Storyteller feels has been left out or other things they feel should be added for flavour.

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