Shadow Court

The Desert of Endless Summer is Coming! Unless we can stop it!


The Seelie Propaganda says we wish to start an endless winter however they do not realize what they are causing to happen. If the Seelie Court continues to Rule then Glamour will dry up like water in a desert and we will be scorched by the Sun of well intentioned fools!

Under the Rose

The Shadow Court is a faction of the fae who believe the Cycle of the Season and Courts must continue. The Unseelie waited patiently for their time to rule, however with more and more fae taking on human morality and considering themselves Seelie those who declare themselves Unseelie are growing scarcer and passing the court over to a Skeleton.

Also the Seelie by their nature like to be able to control things and the idea of their logical controlled rule being passed over to the unpredictable Unseelie seems a grim proses indeed.

The Shadow Court do have Seelie members though membership is private. They are extremists who feel the time for talking is over. Action must be taken.

Make no Mistake the Shadow Court's actions are Underhanded and Dirty.

Most of the fae of the Unseelie Houses are members of the Shadow Court if only for personal protection and the company of like minded individuals.


These are the rules that the Shadow Court rules itself by, they are general and some see them differently then others.

Understand the mortal world, and shelter those who cannot live within it.
The world will get harsher and harsher with the coming drouth. We must work to save every fae soul we can to work together and over come this. The Seelie see those who do not agree with them as obstetrical, We see them as tests.

Understand the supernatural world, and make and break alliances as necessary.
Weather a Vampire or a Werewolf, a Magi or a Ghost. We need all the help we can get, and the existence of these creatures means the end game has not yet fully began there is still time. However just as they can be tretious so can we.

Harvest Glamour and prepare for the approaching drought of Endless Summer.
As the Seelie force summer on as long as possible we may become locked into that season. When that happens we will need glamour, we pray that it will sustain us until fall returns and we can begin the cycle a new.

Overthrow the Seelie Court and the nobility.
They have ruled far too long forcing us towards a blinding light we may not be able to recover from, the well meaning fools must be removed for the good of all of us.

Fulfill the ritual obligations of the year, culminating in the rituals of Samhain.
This sacred ritual is being slowly lost, if we forget how to do it even should we receive rulership back we may forget how to take it. We hold out hope by keeping this ritual alive and honouring the seasons the Seelie will see sense!

League of Soil

A faction within the Shadow Court who believe the Sidhe must be sent back to Arcadia. Their Presence here has thrown things off and is really what is bringing on Endless Summer. Before them Fae were Fae, but now people show blind pride in political alliances and are putting up fences.

They wish to remove the courts as soon as possible by any means necessary.

The Others

A section of the Shadow Court have decided the only way to combat the recent trend of even good Unseelie declaring themselves Seelie they must act extra Unseelie. Then came in the Thallain, ancient traders to the Fae's original creators joining the Famorians. They came offering the Shadow Court the Ability to drop their Seelie Legacy for a new Unseelie one causing them to become Thallain.

The their desperate desire to even out the over Seelieness the Shadow Court has left themselves open to a terrible force. The Thallain are actually recruiters for the Famorians looking to bring that ancient evil back into the world.

The Others have been convinced to cause chaos and discord, trying to tear everything apart and leave the fae vulnerable to the Famorians.

The Others also seek to make the Seelie believe that the Shadow Court are evil, to spurn on the coming drought and whipe out any Unseelie Fae who may discover or turn on them. They often employ cold iron in their wickedness.
Tainted Kiths

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