Ruby's Sheet

Lady Ruby Silvertongue

Kith: Sidhe
House: Liam
Unseelie Legacy: Cerenaic
Seelie Legacy: Philanthropist

Lady Silvertongue is a conniving Sidhe who craves opulence, excess, and the power that both flow from through her namesake - cunning and manipulation, although her skills in either are up for debate. She’s a member of House Liam…after all, her leadership can only help the poor humans.

In her mortal guise Lady Silvertongue is Adelina Rios, a poor girl who left her parents after graduating from high school and hasn’t looked back as she seeks celebrity, riches, and power that her Fae soul craves.

Arts: Sovereign 3
Realms: Actor 4, Scene 1


My host certainly is pretty, isn’t she? Long, brown hair, big brown eyes, and cheekbones that even I can admire. Her face certainly exudes and air of regality even without my help, just one covered by her circumstances. She’s very tall, very thin, and all leg…and these hips, oh my. Since I awakened I’ve abandoned her rags. This modern society has so many options, and long dresses, ballgowns, and free beauty treatment have been a way of life.

Oh, little old me? I’m glad you asked. I’m tall and quite pale, with black hair, blue eyes, and a round, beautiful face that contrasts my noble blood with an innocent and unassuming quality. I’m thin, but I fill out wonderfully and have adornments that would put any of the remaining human royalty to shame. I’ve not been seen outside of my formal gowns and jewelry in some time.


Physical? Oh heavens, no, love. “Physical” endeavors are the way of the commoners. A noble need not be strong, fast, or stalwart. That’s what we have guards and armies for. My physical prowess is limited to a sense of grace and good posture. My tongue gets me out of fights that a royal should not bother herself with.


Ms. Rios was thoroughly average, but I am most thoroughly not. In this academic sense the humans have come up with I admit I’m somewhat lacking, but I earned my name for political acumen and an ear and a tongue for clever plots. Who needs dull academic pursuits when one can engage in the delightful drama of life?


What else, what else? I will say this – the lot of a commoner is not one I will endure. I am important, always was, and must be again. Whatever court is here, I hope that it will recognize this without too much of a fight. Otherwise we may just have a situation…

If it is not painfully obvious, Lady Silvertongue, like many Sidhe, is a bit out of touch with how things are now. She probably needs to be brought low.
At the same time, bring brought low is likely to eventually bring out her Seelie side and her gentler nature. Even her Unseelie self could use a friend.
Lady Silvertongue’s history is rather vague because she doesn’t remember a lot of it. Do as you wish with it!

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