Knights of the Red Branch

"As he was valiant, I honour him. But as he was ambitious, I slew him." - William Shakespeare


The original Knights of the Red Branch do date back to the time of Myth and Legend. Credited for bravery and prowess on the battle field. Their reputation likely lead to their modern day revival.

The Modern Red Branch was formed by Sir Brant Redbranch Ap Gwydion after the night of Iron Knives to Investigate the incident of the night of Iron Knives. Brant believed he could not properly investigate by remaining a noble or a Gwydion. Dropping his title and his House name1 he brought all those who heeded his call to his banner commoners and nobles a like are all equals in the Order calling every man a Knight of the Red Branch.

Since Fae in a manner of speaking choose their fae name to hide their True Name it is likely Brant had some previous connection to the Knights of the Red Branch from the Mystic Age.

Knights of Legend

A band of Knights from the Mythic Age who were renown for Honour, Bravery and Their Prowess on the battlefield. Several members where in the High King's Personal Guard.

Their reputation was unsurpassed. After the Shattering the Red Branch vanished.

Modern Red Branch

The Modern Red Knights have a code made for the time during the Accordance War. Almost like Modern day Peace Keepers a group that kept themselves outside the conflict and did not take sides offering aid and justice to those who needed it in troubling times. Their ranks swelled during this period of time.

Values of the Modern Red Branch

  • Do not use your position in the Branch for Political Gain.
  • Spare all those Who Surrender
  • Differ to the Laws of the Land
  • Give aid to all those who will except
  • No Fae is beneath another save for by choice
  • Never turn down or fail to show Hospitality
  • Above all Else, find those responsible for the Night of Iron Knives, to them we show no Mercy

Red Branch Justice

Since no member of the Red Branch is above any other member it takes a Tribunal to have a member disciplined or removed. Three Neutral Red Branch members must be located, three members of the Branch the three Neutral members must then be convinced of the Member's Guilt.

Joining the Red Branch

Red Branch Members can induct others into the red branch, they take the potential member in as a Red Squire and then after they are given a question by a visiting member who they have never met before upon the completion of the Quest they are allowed to swear the Oath of the Red Branch.

No former Knight can name their formerly fellow members. Part of the Price for Breaking the Oath.

Nobles in the Red Branch

Those with title may join the Red Branch however if they are found using their membership as political leverage they will be expelled from the Order.

Kinain Members

The Majority of the the members are Kinain given a place where they are seen as equals rather then just children who can never fully understand their fae parents.

Bane of the Inverted Crown

A section of the Red Branch who believe that the Shadow Court are responsible for the Night of Iron Knives. Believing this they feel that Shadow Court members and Shadow Court allied houses should be given no Quarter.

The Majority of the Red Branch do not believe that the simple answer to their investigation is so simple, that the Shadow Court needs to be investigated.

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