Your average Fae has 5 Points of Realms.

Realms are what can be effected by a Fae Art, their magic will only effect what they have points for under their Realm.

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A human who is not a Fae or Someone who can take a human form who is not a Changeling and not Chimera or Part of the Dreaming.

• True Friend
•• Personal Contact
••• Familiar Face
•••• Complete Stranger
••••• Dire Enemy


This Realm effects Chimerical beings such as Fae. Basically if it has a glamour rating.

• Hearty Commoner
•• Lofty Noble
••• Manifold Chimera
•••• Elusive Gallain
••••• Dweomer of Glamour


None Magical Beasts, Items that have not been created by human hands. Things one would typical define as natural.

• Raw Material
•• Verdant Forest
••• Feral Animal
•••• Natural Phenomena
••••• Base Element


Inanimate objects that have been made by people, supernatural or otherwise.

• Ornate Garb
•• Crafted Tool
••• Mechanical Device
•••• Complex Machine
••••• Arcane Artefact


An Area that can be effect by an Art. for example if someone used an Art and wanted to effect all fae in a room they would need the Fae Realm and Scene.

• Chamber
•• Cottage
••• House
•••• Park
••••• Kingdom


The maximum amount of time a Cantrip or Spell can be set before going off as a trap etc.

• One turn.
•• One hour.
••• One day.
•••• One week.
••••• One month.

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