Raynor's Sheet


Rayner was born as Rainier Dupont, son of a rich family in New York and is now the sole heir of their fortune. He's been living it up from the money since so he's never really held any sort of the job in the mundane world
In the changeling world he is a knight and he's never shown much ambition beyond that rank, being happy with life he leads.
Though serving in the count's court he's never expressly said anything about his own court, preferring to stay ambiguous about being seelie or unseelie
In his seelie side, he's a paladin, taking on interesting and worthy challenge with a smile and enthousiasm. In his unseelie side he's a comrade, placing the success and happiness of those he cares about even over his own


Rayner has the fabled beauty of the sidhe, managing to look good in just about everything, his mortal dress is usually classy and well made, choosing clothes made to fit not flashy. He keeps his blonde hair long, either hanging free to his shoulders or bound back lightly.
In his fae seeming he is either in courtly dress, stylish jacket, pants and shirt, with a single blade off his left hip, or he's in full battle gear with chimerical mail, a longsword on his left hip and a saks on his right. His arms will be covered with a number of gold and silver arm rings.


Rayner is a trained warrior, relying of speed and agility rather then pure brute strength, though he's by no lacks strength. He can of course not take the kind of punishment a troll can but he's definitely tough


Rayner isn't much of a thinker, he's not dumb but in no way, shape of form a scholar either, lacking the patience and mentality for study. Prefering the direct solution he usually doesn't stop to consider the deeper issues, rather he'd just act


Rayner is still prety much independently wealthy, in general he's generous with his money, always willing to help out a friend in need, enjoying surprising them.
He is proficient in the arts of Legerdeman up to Ensnare, Sky Craft up to Thunderclap and Pyretics up to Prometheus’ fist. His realms are Actor up to familiar face, Fae up to manifold chimera and scene up to chamber

I don't want to get in combat with someone who wont take hits or auto-hits, I don't want my character to be wounded, maimed, kidnapped or killed without my permission.

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