Ran's Sheet

Ran Kobbersen

Is a 8 year old girl she is a myth kin one of those rare pooka normally she is a tiny kitty other times a Gryphlet still growing as she is still but a childling. When she is Seelie she is the comrade everyone's friend though it’s like opening Pandora’s box when she is Unseelie.


Ran is a short Charismatic red head who is normally wearing Jeans flannel shirt and hiking boots in her mortal seeming, she is friendly magnetic and persuasive especially when trying to get her uncle into fights because she likes to watch him duke it out. In her fae seaming’s her cat ears/ gryphen tuffs sit at the top of her head and twitch and her Feathered wings on her back , or a Maine Coon kitten or a Gryphlet.


Ran is quick and nimble on her feet when she wishes, and sometimes seems tireless with all her energy but going around with her uncle has made her tough but what does one expect when ones uncle is a troll.


Ran is smart for her age even being home schooled by her uncle always attentive and observant playing navigator for him when they drive, her cunning mind locks in knowledge as she learns it making her knowledgeable even clever and wily to keep her out of trouble.


Ran can remember a lot of things that are useful to her and her uncle when the occasion calls for it. she is proficient in Legerdemain up to Gimmix Primal up to Willow whisper and Metamorphosis to hidden form her realms are Actor to true friend, Fae to commoner, Nature to verdant forest, scene to chamber. Like Iron Gold also harms her, Her senses are heightened.

I would rather not have her killed off but if she does something stupid then thats ok other wise i am fairly open though she is a child some things need to be left out. i just want to have fun with her the little troublemaker

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