New Rules

New rules for the Elegant System that Help with Changeling.

People who are playing should look at these Recommended Rules for Personal Conduct.


The Wyrd is the part of the fae and the world which exists as part of the dreaming, it's the part that is Chimerical. Normal mortals cannot see the world or be effected by Wyrd powers unless they are enchanted or the Changeling calls on the Wyrd.

Calling on the Wyrd involves spending glamour to infuse with the Waking World so that the form they have in the Dreaming shows through.

Enchanting means a person digest glamour allowing them to see the dreaming for a limited period of time.

Any powers that are listed as Wyrd do not work in the presence of none enchanted mortals, security camera also count.


Cantrips are the magic that Changeling do, or the very act of doing so. Cantrips combine Arts and Realms to effect things.

Cantrips cost one of Three things. Time, Risk, or Glamour.

Gaining Banality

Banality has the, "Hey you can't do that Rule." If someone, a mortal sees you do something, fly, change into a cat, or various other things that fae can do.

You also gain banality for suppressing your fae nature. For a point of Banality you may drop your Frailty (Unless you're the Sidhe), or a House Ban. Spending too much time posing as a Mortal and not interacting with the other Fae will also cause you to slowly gain Banality at Storyteller Discretion.

Burning Your Nature

You can Bid to Burn your Nature on any roll that would suit you. A Sidhe giving an awe inspiring speech, a Troll defending their friend or League, or a Knocker making something really awesome super fast.

This causes your dice pool to become doubled, for a single task.

At the end of the Scene however you loose your fae self. As soon as long as an Enchanted would on the Mist Chart.

Sub Kiths

These are aspects that give a Kithain an extra Boon and Ban which effects their character and adds some more flavor to the character.

Myth Kin

Pooka who have a Mythic animal form in Edition to a normal form which gives them additional abilities They can be a horse Pooka who becomes a Unicorn, or a Lizard Pooka who can become a Dragon. These are in edition to being Beasts of Legend. In edition to the normal Pooka Birthrights and Frailties they also Gain these.


These are Nobles from foreign countries, they are either on a quest that has taken them away from their country, lost because of some sort of tragedy. They maybe Banished by someone, etc. These are Eshu who are considered to be Nobles.

If an Eshu is an Oba Eshu then they gain the following Birthrights and Frailties in Edition to the normal Eshu Birthrights and Frailties.

River Hags

This sub group of Red Caps live exclusively in fresh water places, they seem bloated and water logged, their hair is a sickly green or blue green and often has twigs or things from the water in them. They are the nightmares of being attacked in the water. In edition to the normal Red Cap Birthright and Frailties they have the following.


The Sluagha are a fear of being watched by someone or anything, Shades are the fear of being watched by the dead or death itself. These fae are often called Sluagha Shades, they gain the follow Birthright and Frailty in edition to the normal Birthrights and Frailties the Sluagha have.




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