More About Mentals

Perception-related: Attentive, Discerning, Insightful, Observant, Vigilant
Intelligence-related: Cunning, Disciplined, Knowledgeable, Rational, Reflective
Wits-related: Alert, Clever, Intuitive, Shrewd, Wily
Miscellaneous Mental: Creative, Dedicated, Determined, Patient, Wise



You pay attention to everyday occurrences around you. When don’t expect it.
Uses: Preventing surprise attacks. Seeing through Blur of the Milky Eye when you something extraordinary happens, you are usually ready for it.


Discriminating, able to pick out details, subtleties and idiosyncrasies. You have clarity of vision.
Uses: Investigating and tracking.


The power of looking at a situation and gaining an understanding of it.
Uses: Investigation (though not a defense against it).


Depth of vision, the power to look at something and notice the important aspects of it.
Uses: Picking up on subtleties that others might overlook.


Watchful. You have the disposition of a guard dog; your attention More appropriate for mental defense than for attack.
Uses: Defending against investigation. Seeing through Blur of the Milky Eye.
misses little.



Crafty and sly, possessing a great deal of ingenuity.
Uses: Tricking other characters.


Your mind is structured and controlled. This rigidity gives you an edge in battles of will.
Uses: Staredowns. Useful in Mental Challenges.


You know copious and detailed information about a wide variety
of topics. This Trait represents “book-learning.’’
Uses: Remembering information your character might know.


You believe in logic, reason, sanity and sobriety. Your ability to reduce concepts to a mathematical level helps you analyze the world.
Uses: Defending against emotion-oriented mental attacks. Defending against an aura reading. Not used as an initial bid.


Meditative self-recollection and deep through. The Trait of the serious thinker, Reflective enables you to consider all aspects of the conundrum.
Uses: Meditation. Remembering information. Defending against most Mental Challenges.



Mentally prepared for danger and able to react quickly when it occurs.
Uses: Preventing surprise attacks.


Quick-witted resourcefulness. You think well on your feet.
Uses: Using a Mental Challenge against another character.


Knowledge and understanding somehow come to you without conscious reasoning, as if by instinct.
Uses: Spontaneous deduction.


Astute and artful, able to keep your wits about you and accomplish mental feast with efficiency and finesse.
Uses: Defending against Mental Challenges.


Sly and full of guile. Because you are wily, you can trick and deceive easily.
Uses: Deceiving others characters. Lying under duress. Confusing mental situations.

Miscellaneous Mental


Your ideas are original and imaginative, which implies an ability to
produce unusual solutions to your difficulties. You can create artistic pieces. A requirement for any true artist.
Uses: Anything creative.


you give yourself over totally to your beliefs. When one of your causes is at stake, you stop at nothing to succeed.
Uses: Useful in any Mental Challenge when your beliefs are at stake.


When it comes to mental endeavors, you are fully committed. Nothing can divert your intentions to succeed once you have made up your mind.
Uses: Staredowns. Useful in normal Mental Challenges.


Tolerant, persevering and steadfast. You can wait out extended delays with composure.
Uses: Staredowns or other mental battles after another Traits has been bid.


An overall understanding of the workings of the world.
Uses: Giving advice. Dispensing fortune cookie wisdom.

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