Mikhail's Sheet

Mikhail Petya Sokolov

Mikhail (a.k.a Misha or Mishka to family and close friends) is a 17 year old Unseeling Sluagh wilder that comes from a well-known family of Sluagh seers. They have been known to advise nobles and commoners alike. His mother, the current matriarch of the family, has even advised for David Ardry on occasion. Mikhail is the eldest of five children and heir to his mother’s legacy. He used to live in the family home with her and his siblings, but in recent years has grown estranged from them; the reason is known only to the family and they aren’t talking. He moved out and now lives in a plush and luxurious penthouse apartment, funded by a generous benefactor of his work. Mikhail, to mortal society, is also known by the name Tolia, a renowned surrealist painter/sketch artist.

When embracing his Unseelie side, Mikhail is a Knave, enjoying life to the best of his ability and showing friends what they are missing, but never coddling them. When embracing his Seelie side he is a Sage, using his abilities to bring about a better world and help people find their path.


Mikhail is thin but toned. His black hair is cut short but his bangs still manage to fall into his eyes. His eyes are two different colours; one is blue and the other is amber-gold. (Same as his mother). He always wears or carries with him a pair of glasses and is pale skinned because he tends to stay indoors. He wears dark colours when dressing in Victorian clothing (in and out of the Dreaming) but also has quite a collection of Asian clothes in varying colours (Japanese kimonos, Chinese clothing) – both for formal and informal occasions.


He may look gaunt and frail but Mikhail is anything but. He is very fit, setting aside time most days to go down to the gym and run the track or swim in the pool the building provides for its tenants. He is agile and wiry, built for speed over strength. He can still pack a punch if he gets in close though. Mikhail is very good with small blades and has studied anatomy enough to know where to place the blade to get maximum damage. Other than his own studying and reading though, he has no formal training with weapons or fighting. His training regimen helps Mikhail endure long runs and keeps him mostly healthy. Mikhail has mild asthma that he treats with an inhaler that he tries keep on hand at all times.


Creative, patient, insightful, and clever; all of these things can be attributed to Mikhail and seen in many of his paintings and sketches. Besides his artwork Mikhail loves to read fiction and all sorts of other books, making him very knowledgeable for his young age. He can sometimes overlook the actions of other people, but there is an air of watchfulness.

Mikhail can be very persuasive when he wants to be, it helps to sell some of artwork to those potential buyers who are still on the fence about one piece or another. His moods can be erratic. One night he is cool, calm, genial and out to have a good time; another he is angry, manipulative, standoff-ish and/or arrogant. On those nights working on a piece can calm him greatly. He doesn’t talk much about his past, seems it’s a sore point.


Mikhail, as the heir to the Sokolov family legacy, and is marked by his heterochromia (two different coloured eyes) as the family’s heir apparent.

Mikhail’s Arts extend to the knowledge of Primal and Chicanery’s first power as well up to the third power of Soothsay. In regards to Realms, he knows Fae up to Lofty Noble, Actor up to Personal Contact, Nature up to Feral Animal, and Prop up to Crafted Tool.

Mikhail’s benefactor pays for his lush penthouse apartment and lavishes him items (chimerical and mundane). Most of these are clothes and trinkets. Now and again his benefactor has sprung for a personal body guard to keep his asset safe on the town. Mikhail also has his own income from sketches and paintings sold to other interested parties. On his own, he could afford a respectable apartment or house, but nothing as ritzy as what he has now.


I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not take any hits. I do not want my character killed. I don’t mind if my character is capture and tormented (but would like to be aware of what the torments will be so I can give my consent or not). I would also like her to be rescued eventually. I want to be asked before any sexual contact.

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