Lilisa's Sheet

Lilisa Langly

Lilisa Langly, A coyote pooka that is just loopy as myths about as the animal she resembles. What she does for a living is largely unknown and she is rather loose lipped as to what it is, but as all pooka, what she says is rarely the truth.


Her hair a motly of colors, in seeming and normal form, the sandy dusty color of their fur, while wild and bushy like ones tail, colored beads laced through strands in random place, and while she isnt remarkably tall, she is so lanky that from a distance it give the illusion. Long polished fingernails painted in random colors tip her fingers, and while her smile is nice in a "that girl from high school" sort of way, the teeth that show seem just a little to sharp, and bright golden eyes shift about scanning everything. She normally wears a pair of heavy jean pants with a leather vest, though in colder weather a heavier shirt might accompany the vest. A large backpack hangs from one shoulder or two, sandy canvas with little dog prints running over it at random.

her Fae Mien resembles her human one save the inclusion of a large pair of black tipped Coyote ears and a long tail that shifts back and forth behind her. Her nails just a bit longer then before, and much sharper, almost like small claws rather then fingernails, her teeth just a bit more bestial as well. A large hand guarded dagger hangs from her belt, and a almost oversized boar spearhead with a heavy metal ring at the opposite end, slung across her back a short handle almost giving it the illusion of an awkward sword.


Lilisa keeps the physical characteristics of a coyote in all forms, Wiry and Lithe she moves deceptively deftly while holding a surprising bit of power for her size. And while she seems tireless in her energy, is prone to "burning out" in moments of excitement until she is able to eat, able to put away a large heavily topped pizza by herself.


Lilisa has a quick wit, but a short attention span. She focuses on the here and now, preferring fast and simple answers, failing that, the option to hit the problem until it goes away. On average, one would consider her more people, or street smart, then book smart.


Lilisa currently lives in the guest house at her father's place, paying him rent and utilities until she is able to find a good place or roommate. She has a single pet, a large Melanistic Tibetan Mastiff of amiable, and derpy, disposition. The spear is the closest thing she has to magical equipment, a quick flick of the wrist extends the haft out to its full size of about 4 foot long. For more mundane threats she toats a large pipe wrench hidden away in her backpack. A modest talent in crafting skills with leather, metals, and semi-precious stones, mainly jewelry and small knives or decorative items.

Lilisa has a Chimerical Tibetian mastiff, big super shaggy, very derpy looking, melanistic so solid jet black fur, pretty calm. Collar is mixture of beaded leather straps with kinda mixture of native american and nordic designs,

Pyretics: 1 (Will 'o the Wisp)
Wayfarer 1 (Hopscotch) 2 (Quicksilver)

Actor: 1 (True Friend)
Prop: 1 (ornate Garb) 2 (crafted tool)
Nature: 1 (Raw Material) 2 (Verdant Forest)


I would prefer to avoid IC deaths, unfair fights (ignoring hits, auto-hits, god-modding, ect), or really major changes without talking to me first. Major mental compulsions without very good reason. She is a looks and made for mischeif, and not all of it to go her way. If a major relationship comes up im fairly willing to talk about what's expected to make sure it works out we enough.

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