Kyle's Sheet

Kyle Rothschild

Kith: Pooka (raven)

Kyle was adopted as a child. In his early 20's now, he's a college student studying how many times a student can change majors before the admissions people start openly weeping at the mention of his name. It isn't that he is being intentionally obstinent, but there is always just something so interesting about that other subject that he's not studying right now that he needs to go study it right now! His parents, quite used to his…peculiarities, accept this with an eyeroll and a reminder that this is why they are making him pay for his own damn education.

His folks have no idea about his fae nature, and that suits Kyle just fine; it's probably safer for them that way, anyways. Not that he couldn't explain if he needed to! He has always had a knack for getting himself out of trouble.

When Kyle is in a Seelie state of mind, he's a Peacock: Determined to be the invaluable eyes-in-the-sky (literal or otherwise) to recon and get info to help his friends out. When the Unseelie side kicks in, though, he's more the Cerenaic: Like all corvids, he does live for his shinies (literal or otherwise).


As a human, he looks like any kid: A tan from time outside, black hair, and eyes a deep, dark brown. In the dreaming, that black hair is made of feathers, his finger- and toenails are small talons, and his eyes are completely black. His arms work as regular, but are covered in the black flight-feathers of a raven, giving them the appearance of wings. His hands are covered in black scales like a corvid's feet. As a raven, he looks like a raven. Most of the time, his bearing is confident and friendly, but he does keep looking around, like he's trying to watch everything around him all at once.


Kyle never sits still for long, his energetic nature and constant need to be doing something leaving him with a thin but athletic build. He seems tireless in his energy and tenatiousness when he sets himself on a goal. When defending a friend, his slightly feral nature peeks through, whether laying a vicious tongue-lashing on the perpetrator or taking his talons to the bastard's eyes.


Kyle is, at his core, a social being. He is charming and eloquent, happy to talk your ear off and convince you he's just the nicest guy around. It naturally follows, then, that he can be quite persuasive, ingratiating himself with almost anyone he meets with his friendly, witty banter. His pooka tendency to never quite tell the truth has gotten him in some pretty sticky situations; he usually comes out clean, but even his best friends know to take what he says with a grain (or mountain) of salt. He exudes "good natured" vibes, though, and most folks find it hard to stay mad at or hold things against him for long…even if it is with a sometimes patronizing "Well, at least he's trying…" attitude.


For someone as "apparently" distractable as Kyle is, he goes out of his way to be attentive and vigilant for and to information that can help his friends. He's alert to small details that others might miss, gathering the pieces of the puzzle, and clever in his assembly of the facts. Sometimes, when a new shiny comes along, he becomes impatient, and more than once has found himself following red herrings and dead ends. Clever as he is, he is prone to hubris, overestimating himself. But, Kyle is determined, able to rebound quickly and get back on the hunt. He's also quite smart, his affection to the new meaning he's amassed quite the database of trivia and DELIGHTS in getting to show it off; he has been called (by himself) the MacGuyver of Useless Crap and Knowledge.


Kyle has three passions in life: Flying, new things, and loved ones. Anything else can be damned. If he were to be honest, he'd admit he wishes he could tell his folks about what he is so they can touch the amazing reality that is the dreaming, but such is not to be. Not yet, at least. He suspects they are Kithain, however, based off a few things they've asked him about, things a mortal should never have even glimpsed.

Kyle has a lot of acquaintences being as social as he is, but only a small number of true friends (some human, some ravens, some fae).

How Kyle lies as a pooka switches depending on what amuses him most that day making him rather unpredictable in that regard which may, in fact, be the greatest deception; isn't a predictable lie as good as telling the unvarnished truth, after all?

Kyle is never, ever, ever malicious usually.

Kyle also collects literal shiny objects. One subject he has kept an attraction to throughout the years has been geology, and he has dabbled in metallurgy. When he's bored, he sometimes fashions bits of jewelery, selling the ones he can stand to part with for a handy sum of spending money.

Kyle has been known, sometimes, to possess sticky fingers, occasionally pilfering items that catch his fancy. Again, it isn't malicious so much as the raven in him deciding it wants something before the rest of his brain gets a vote.

His realms are Actor (3: Familiar Face) and Nature (2: Verdant Forest). He also knows Chicanery (2: Veiled Eyes), Primal (1: Willow Whisper), and Soothsay (1: Omen).


Do not kill, ghoul, or otherwise remove my character from my possession without my permission. If my character is going to be captured, there's an expectation that they will be rescured (or else we're back to removing the char from my possession). If they're going to be brutalized and you have any doubts if it crosses a line, just ask. The point is fun and mischief and a bit o' horror, so most anything is fine by me!

My character, once let loose, is acting within character, and so the consequences will fall where they will. It's part of the fun, it's all in character, and so long as the consequences are also in character (and fitting the characters!), then I will let Kyle pay the price for his actions. However, I hold others to this standard as well.

The char is sometimes distractable (or seems that way), and the player is often distractable (and is very much that way). If I miss something, let me know and please don't take it personally.

TL;DR Obey Whaeton's Law and good times will be had by all.

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