The races of the fae, which show what form of dream the Changeling is born from, giving the dream a life of its own but still fitting it into one of the following categories or Kiths.

Major Dreams

These are the Major Kiths, the most common dreams which almost everyone has at some point in their life. Therefore these are the most common Kiths.

Boggans (BOG-guns)

Dreams of Caregivers


The Boggans are the dreams of the people who are there to lend a helping hand. They are parents, they are that friend who helps you clean your apartment so you don't get evicted. They are the school counselor who listened when no one else would. The dreams where you are held and cared for are what Boggans are born from.

On the darker side Boggans tend to be incredible gossips, and often what you say to them ends up being learned by others.

Boggans are heavy set or chubby in appearance, their fae seeming1 tends to be shorter than their mortal seeming. Their noses round and often a little red, and they typically have two sets of bushy eyebrows.



Craftwork: Boggans can perform any kind of task that requires hands-on craftswork in one-third the time, provided they are undisturbed and not witnessed at work. That said, Boggans may assist each other without imperiling the time bonus.

Social Dynamic: Social interactions of any kind are meat and drink to boggans, and they have a far easier time figuring out the relationships between people.


Call of the Needy: Even Unseelie boggans are easily touched by the sight of mortals in need and must aid them or suffer pangs of conscience.
Boggans are also gossips without equal, and will buy (and likely pass on) almost any sob story or lurid tale, no matter how unbelievable.

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Eshu (EE-shoo)

Dreams of Adventure and Exotic Locations


Places you have only heard about, people with strange unique customs, the places just beyond the horizon. These are the mysterious lands the Ehsu come from, bringing exciting stories from places that only exist in our misinterpretations of other places.

Being born of these type of dreams, the Eshu's darker side is the daring and recklessness many of us feel one would have to have to go to the places that in our minds are more dangerous.

Eshu always look like foreigners regardless of where they travel, in North America they tend to have darker skin but in a country where that is common they may have a lighter skin tone. Universally they have slightly pointed ears and black eyes that hold stars. Eshu tend to dress in colourful costumes that seem ethnic but have no true real world counter part.

Affinity: Scene


Spirit Pathways: Eshu have an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, and although they may have to take the damnedest route to get there, the stories are always worth it.

Talecraft: Eshu are amazing storytellers and their tales can motivate others to act.


Recklessness: Eshu can't resist any challenge that they have some chance of walking away from with any hope of success (or even just a good story.)

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Nockers (NOCK-ers)

Dreams of Building


Fantastic machines and their moody creators, these are the stories and fables that the Nockers are based from. Hard working and effective, creating things that have no equal. Sadly our views of these creations or maybe our nightmares always cause the things the Nockers make to have some form of inherent flaw.

Nockers also embody human frustration at working at a theory that isn't panning out, having writer's block, just not being able to get that computer to boot up. Which causes them to swear a lot a universal sign of frustration.

Nockers have pale skin and white hair, along with red swirls on their cheek, their nose and their chin. Their eyebrows are large and as white as their hair.

Affinity: Prop


Forge Chimera: Nockers can create Chimera from their own glamour instead of having to go after the materials themselves.
One Glamour—Hammer, door, business card
Two Glamour—Locks, candelabra, knife
Three Glamour—Sword, siege engine

Fix-It: Nockers are master craftsmen, and everyone knows it, too! Most machines can be intimidated into working correctly by a nocker's baleful glare. Nockers can threaten technology into working.


Flaws: Nockers are the greatest crafters of the fae, but something is always wrong with whatever they create—true perfection is beyond these Kithain. All items crafted by nockers have at least one flaw determined by the Storyteller (Heavy ,Loud, Fragile), and should the artisan somehow correct this flaw, another one will appear to take its place. Nocker items may also have more than one flaw, depending on how rushed the nocker was in the crafting.

Due to their abrasive attitudes, Nocker may be bid against members of the Kith in social situations that require a more delicate touch.

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Pooka (POO-kuh)

Dreams of Animals


Lots of people dream about animals and the creatures of the wild: a bird that leads the way, a dog that wants to play with you, maybe a predator just out of sight. They often credit (or blame) animals with having more human qualities or motives, or make the qualities of animals into descriptors for other people: sly as a fox, quick as a cat, dogged determination.

Pooka are born from all of these dreams.

Often animals - in dreams and real life - are enigmatic or downright confusing; this results in kith itself being enigmatic and some times hard to understand. The Pooka can never directly state anything. They feel the need to imply, lie, or a multitude of other tricks to communicate.

The Pooka always appear to have physical traits of the animals that they have an affinity with. Pooka are always like a single type of animal, rather than multiple animals, and their features reflect this: ears and Whiskers animal eyes and noses. These are the sort of things that change the Pooka's appearance.

Affinity: Nature


Shapechanging: Each pooka has an affinity for one type of animal (usually a mammal, but not always), and when they are completely unobserved for a moment the pooka may transform into that animal. This animal shape is a perfectly normal specimen of its type (the character retains her intellect, and can speak to other fae normally, but may not speak to mortals unless the form can also approximate human speech), Changing back requires only 10 seconds and privacy. (Note: Security cameras and the like count as "observation.") A pooka already in animal form is unaffected by the arrival of mortals, who see her as a normal animal of her type.

Confidant: Pooka have an ability to befriend people that is almost beyond their control at times; their natural senses of humor and whimsical dispositions tend to get them past most people's emotional defenses.


Lies: Infamous liars one and all, pooka are incapable of telling the complete, unembellished truth—they must always mix in a lie of some kind. A Willpower point must be spent for each time a pooka wishes to say the straight, unadulterated truth, and a pooka need not always lie around the unenchanted, although these Kithain are often full of "blarney" in the mundane world, and are considered "colorful" speakers at best by those who know them.

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Redcaps (RED-kaps)

Nightmares of War


War always brings destruction and a devouring of resources like a great maw, leaving broken buildings, dead innocence and some times even broken civilizations.

The Redcaps are not Dreams of War, of Glorious conquest to free the weak and oppressed, they are the nightmares of the true terror war holds for those in the trenches and those caught in the middle

Redcaps have grey or purple colored skin, and usually have many piercings or tattoos. Most dye their hats or hair with the blood of their victims making it a dark crimson red (hence the term redcaps). It is not uncommon for Redcaps to practice self-mutilation and to have carvings and designs in their skin.

Affinity: Nature


Dark Appetite: Redcaps can eat anything (and we do mean anything) they can get their mouths around; failing that, they break something into smaller pieces and eat it anyway . A Glamour is required to eat a substance that no human could conceivably digest, however ( i.e., toxic waste, tires, romance novels Storyteller's decision on what is "conceivable") . This can be a Wyrd Birthright, depending on what the redcap is attempting to digest.

Bully Browbeat: Redcaps have such bad attitudes that even chimera are intimidated by their tough talk.


Bad Attitude: No one likes a redcap; all redcaps have something about them that is ugly in personality or appearance, you must works one of the following into your sheet, please list it in extras. Bestial, Callous, Impatient, Obnoxious, Tactless or Violent. (Different features can be picked but they must be approved.). Childlings and Wilders will often be labelled as Unseelie regardless of their actual court.

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Satyrs (say-TER)

Dreams of Passion and Pleasure


Dreams of living life to it's fullest, fulfilling desires you knew or didn't know you had. Have you ever dreamed about throwing yourself into a single thing: dancing, running, a party? The Satyrs are the consuming passion most of us only dream of, all encompassing pleasures ranging from the obvious, to eating great food, to the challenge of hiking up the tallest mountain.

If it feels good, the Satyrs find some of the same fire that they have come from in it. Poetry, music and other arts are included in this, but also unhealthy obsessions and dangerous desires are part of what they embody.

Satyrs have horns on their heads and the legs of goats, they general tend towards the athletic.

Affinity: Fae


Gift of Pan: Satyrs are experts at performance, it comes to them naturally, when doing so they lower the inhibitions of those listening along with their banality.

Physical Prowess: Satyrs have stamina that rivals that of the greatest athlete and is often called supernatural.


Passion's Curse: Satyrs are given to wild mood swings, especially when drunk, and often have trouble controlling themselves.

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Sidhe (SHEE)

Dreams of Leaders


Dreams of those who lead, the legacy of King Arthur and Joan of Arc. The Sidhe are the impulse to guide and encourage others, to aid others in building your visions and charting the correct destiny. Graceful and awe-inspiring, they are the voice of Churchill, the magnetism of Roosevelt, the driving strength of Boudicca. They are the leaders born of the Dreams of Humanity.

They are also the Dreams of dictators and monsters, the ones who can shepherd the Courts into dark and brutal places. The Conqueror, the Manipulator, the Dictator, all dream into the Sidhe. The Sidhe's darker impulses jump to the thundering charge of Ghenghis Khan, scheme in the traditions of Olympias of Macedonia, and their hubris rivals Antiochus Epiphanes at his worst.

The Sidhe, in other words are a bright and shining fire. But like a fire they can easily grow beyond control.

Affinity: None


Awe and Beauty: The Sidhe are beyond beautiful their appearance is a loveliness that one can only see in dreams. Their Presence brings awe to all that see them filling many with a sense they are in the presence of someone great. This is a Wyrd Birthright.

Noble Bearing: No cantrip can ever directly mack a sidhe look foolish, and any such attempt automatically fails. Mundane pranks or very indirect cantrips are unaffected by this birthright, however.



Banality's Curse2: Sidhe are effected twice as much by Banality then all other Kiths. the Sidhe also are not tied to human blood lines and no one is certain what happens to them when they die. This makes many Sidhe frightened of death.

Changeling Way Sidhe

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Sluagh (SLOO-ah)

Dreams of Being Watched


Right behind your left shoulder, you can feel someone watching you, eyes burrowing into your body, you can feel them watching you so intently you can feel them seeing into you. When you turn around excepting to see something.. no one is there. The feeling that someone is watching you. The fear that someone knows your secrets. That is the Slaugh.

Some times the idea of someone knowing a secret takes weight off of someone's shoulder. However most often the idea of someone watching you unseen is unsettling at least.

Slaugh are gaunt and thin. Ghastly pale with no teeth, and a strange smell like musty books and old places.

Affinity: Prop


Heightened Senses: Slaugha have amazing senses, they can hear and see much others would miss, including the ability to see the dead themselves. Backhanded part of this gift is that Slaugh are extra sensitive to things like bright lights and loud sounds, oh or uncomfortable fabrics.

Contortions: The underfolk are very limber, and are able to bend and twist in the most disturbing ways. a Slaugha can squeeze and shift it's body in anyway to escape from almost anything. Unless Bonds are made of Cold Iron. The Slaugha's bone are extra fragile due to this and breaking their bones is easy.


Whispers:3 Sluagh are completely incapable of speaking above a whisper, If they do they gain banality, Slaugha come off as very creepy because of their soft spoken nature.

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Trolls (TROLS)

Dreams of Loyalty


The people who will never leave you and never abandon you. The dream of the perfectly loyal friend, the dream of the knight who always comes back to aid their league. The police officer who follows their duty o the end. The person on phone support who does everything they can for you, not because they have to but because they take pride in their job. This concept. This Dream is where the Trolls come from.

Duty and Loyalty without compassion can cause much harm, those who mindlessly follow orders or refuse to despite their Lord's order when they know them to be wrong, this is the dark side of the Troll.

Trolls have blue skin like frozen flesh, smaller horns on the tops of their head, they are all amazingly tall standing two feet above their mortal seemings. their hair tends to be jet black or snow white, some times light yellow blond.

Affinity: Fae


Titan's Power: Trolls are extremely strong, and they just keep getting stronger the older they get. Once they reach Grumphood they are beyond humanly stronge.

Strength of Duty: All trolls are loyal to a cause and extremely stubbornly it is extremely hard to use magic to make a troll break an oath.


Bond of Duty: Should a Troll break an oath or fail in a duty they have taken up they will start to get sick and loose their strength, dying is they do not some how redeem themselves in time.

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Minor Dreams

Minor Dreams are more specific concepts, where as the Major dreams cover wide concepts, the kiths born of smaller concept have less numbers yet are still potent.

Clurichaun (CLOOR-uh-cohn)

Dreams of Hidden Treasures


Everyone dreams of places hidden in their homes and of treasure hunts. Wondrous things hidden in secret places. Many have dreamed of gems hidden in the earth or gold beneath the waves.

The Clurichauns are not only those who know where those hidden things are kept but also are those hidden things incarnate. Their darker side comes from them being about Greed and hording valuables as well as the wonder of the Hidden.

Clurichauns have pointed ears with hair like polished copper or other precious metals. Their eyes appear coloured like valuable stones most often an Emerald or Sapphire. They don't tend to grow taller then five feet, and appear a bit on the stocky side. They tend towards clothing in either red or green.

Affinity: Prop


Twinkling of an Eye: Clurichaun have a talent for disappearing from potentially troublesome situations. Should someone take his eye off a clurichaun (if only for a moment), the wily fae can disappear into the nearest cover so quickly that it's impossible for anyone to find her.

One minute she's there, the next she's gone! They can effect this trick even if being grasped by someone, but not if they themselves are blindfolded (or otherwise unable to see) or if bound with cold iron.

Unveiling the Valuable: The Clurichauns have a unique talent for uncovering hidden treasures. The Clurichaun can ask at any time weather or not something of Value, be it monetary or emotionally is hidden. The Storyteller is to give them a Yes or no Answer. It is up to the Clurichaun to search for this object.


Pack Rat: Clurichauns are not thieves however they value objects some say Clurichauns store their memories in the objects they collect. This is merely a myth, though Clurichauns do get very attached to objects. To throw anything out, to pass up on picking up something that looks Shiny or not to buy something that catches their eye, and to not repair or polish a neglected object the Clurichaun has to make a mental challenge.

They cannot turn down a valuable object freely offered to them.

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Piskey (PIZ-keys)

Dreams of Pranks


Pranks have been children's games for forever. April fools a time when we regardless of age our encouraged to play them. Surprise Birthday parties, and all that entails. Despite the fact that they are often playful, Piskies like all pranksters can go too far and that is where the danger they bring lies.

Piskies are connected to children, who find the most joy in this type of play.

Normally appearing child like the Piskey all have silver hair which they prefer to wear long. they tend towards four to five feet. and their eyes are either green or gray twinkling with child like delight.

Affinity: Actor


Nimble: Piskey are extremely dexterous, they rival Olympic Athletes in Gymnastics with they talent.

Human Bonds: Piskeys are especially sensitive to the emotions of humans, particularly children. They can easily pick up what people are feeling.


Ticking Tricks: Piskey have a very hard time passing up the chance for a prank. This includes snatching things from people's open purses. Slipping something spicy into a drink. These tricks should only me malicious if the Piskey is Malicious. For a good hearted Piskey a Malicious prank has no fun.

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Selkies (SEL-kees)

Dreams of the Ocean


The sound of the water lapping against the shore. The salty air of the ocean, the waves rolling in and out. Do you ever have dreams of sailing on the ocean? swimming in the waters. The sea can be calm and smoothing but it also can be turbulent and destructive.

Selkie are fae souls that hide themselves inside their skin, most fae are born with their human nature, the selkie are passed on physically merging with a human body and mind after being acquired.

Selkie have liquid black eyes and sleek forms, their hair is dark and looks like it is always wet. Their skin is slightly gray, and their eyes slightly larger then they should be.

Affinity: Nature


Seal's Beauty: All selkies are especially attractive to the appropriate gender, and when in a friendship or seduction contest with such parties receive they may use Selkie as a Quality, except that they never apply to others who aren't attracted to their gender.

Ocean's Grace: No Selkie can drown when swimming, they are all the best of the best swimmer. taking to the water with more ease then a normal person takes to the land.

Seal Form: Selkie have magical coats or skins that allow them to when in salt water turn into a Seal. The type of Seal should be picked when you start playing the character, Harbor Seal is the default.


Longing for the Ocean Shore: If Selkie are away from the Ocean or it's Shore for too long then they will start to forget they are fae.

Seal Coat: If a Selkie's coat is destroyed by cold iron or fire then they loose their fae nature. unlike most Fae who are reborn by being bound to a blood line the Selkie is bound inside their coat. The person who takes the coat becomes the Selkie, if the coat is taken the person who took the coat can then control them, until the current Selkie's host is killed. It is debated weather or not the human soul is ejected when the Selkie takes over or if they are merged some times making the Selkie uncomfortable to other fae.

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