Kingdoms Of Northern Ice

Canada is the Northern part of Concordia known as the Kingdoms of Northern Ice, the Dreaming there looks like snow and ice, trees with leaves that look like ornaments, shining glass seeming apples can be eaten as normal. Also called Upper Concordia.


It's not always cold but snow flakes will on occasion fall in the dreaming instead of rain.

The Map is Currently a Work in Progress

Kingdom of White Flowers (Ontario)

Ruler: Queen Jadwiga(yahd-VEE-gah) ap Eiluned

Sprawling City (Capital)

The Capital of the Kingdom of White Flowers is the Sprawling City, also known as Toronto.

The Main Freehold is the Tower of the Sky, which during the day is made of gold brick an at night silver, with a ring of clouds around the top. At the top of the tower is a star that changes colour and casts it's light over the metal of the tower.

In the North is Caer Shield a massive fortress. Made of massive stone raising like walls into the cool sky. This is a massive fallback point from the south, also some times where summer court is held.

In the Kingdom of White Flowers you can drive onto the Never Ending Highway, you can drive anywhere you want, the only issue is you never know when you will see your exit, maybe you will come across it in 15 minutes, maybe five hours, maybe years.

There is a legend that there is a man who has ben driving on it since the 1970s.

The Snow Forest Kingdom (British Columbia)

Ruler: King Edvin ap Fiona

Queen Victorious (Capital)

The Capital of the Snow Forest Kingdom, known to the mortal as Victoria City. The main keep is Hart Meadow Castle, which is located Hatley Park National Historic Site, the Castle's mundane side has been featured in several films and shows causing it to generate large amounts of glamour.

The Castle is surrounded by massive gardens.

Kingdom of Sparkling Plains (Prairie Provinces)

Ruler: Queen Laurel ap Fiona

Kingdom of Acadia (Mainly Quebec City Area)

Ruler: Queen ap Gwydion

Kingdom of Shining Waters (Maritimes, Newfoundland and Labrador, Some of the Quebec Coast.)

Ruler: Troll ap Liam

First Nation of Dreams

The Montagnais Regency

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