Kingdom of Apples

The Kingdom of Apples covers a wide area on the East Coast of the United States of America. The area it takes up is roughly, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delware.

Queen Mab ap Fiona rules the Kingdom, she is a well liked ruler who is has respect from Commoner and Sidhe alike. She combines Fiona Love and Passion with Seelie Loyalty makes her one of High King David's most loyal supporters. It's easy to see why High King David Choice the Kingdom of Apples for his home.

The Kingdom of Apples is considered to be one of the wealthiest Kingdoms in Concordia, New York has been the centre of fiction for years, comic books, TV shows, and Movies, all lending towards making New York the city people think of when they think of an American city, causing it to be a major source of glamour.

The Fae of the Kingdom of Apples consider themselves the Core of Concordia, and being the home of the High King's Court and the Parliament of Dreams it is the political centre of the Changelings of North America.


New York

Our current Location for game. The big Apple of the Kingdom's Basket. New York has been a semi safe haven in the Long Winter for some time, the Statue of Libery harnessing the dreams of those travelling to a new world. Many stories have been told in this city, good and bad causing it to be a strong source of glamour.

New York is a busy city, with a lot of Freeholds (Building that exist partly in the Dreaming), meaning there are a lot of fae. The city seems to be use to weirdness between vampires, fae and other supernaturals, as long as things aren't all out crazy the citizens will likely except weirdness and move on.


The Winter Court of High King David. A privately owned brownstone in Manhattan. The door is made of emerald green glass and metal painted black to look like cast iron but isn't. There is a stone archway above the door ending in two pillars. Stone steps leading up to it.

The inside is simple yet stylish. Polished oak, walls of Gwydion green and Gold ornaments and furniture.

On the Second Floor there is a large set of double doors with gold oak leaves which leads to a large linen closet. In the dreaming these doors lead to the Dreaming Side of the Freehold.

Goblin Town

Built during the 1920s a Mad Knocker made an underground city which is a ever growing colony like a Termite hive. It was a major stronghold during the Accordance War. When ever anyone goes missing it's wondered if they have been taken to Goblin Town.

Recently Knocker Kinain and Dougal Sidhe have vanishing and it's believe it maybe Goblin Town.

The Entrance to Goblin Town is at Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan, it's a 22 story hotel back from 1919. No matter how many repairs are done the floor boards rot, no matter how many plumbers there is water damage, no matter how many exterminator pests are all over.

No one knows exactly where the Entrance is. the Residence of Goblin Town called Goblins are often seen coming and going.

Hunts Point

Also called the Hunter's Market, this was built to replace Fulton Fish Market, which burned down, Fulton Market was corrupt mainly from Goblins selling morally dubious merchandise. After Hunts Point Market was built.

After everyone moved it it was quickly realized that the new market had a new security force to go with it, populated by fae who are sworn to High King David. The new market is popular as a place to get exotic things with the benefit of not risking being kidnapped.

Gilded Frame

The County Seat for the County of Queens

“Art from Virtue Gallery” is a privately owned Art Gallery which is in a corner building, old brick which has been painted white to make it appear cleaner then it is. There are circular concrete steps leading up to two pillar and the door, one clear glass panel the other stain glass, a pathway to the moon.

Above that is the sign for the Gallery letters in gold leaf with a gilded frame around it. Outside there is a doorman who looks stern, his name is Garry.

Estate of Mirrors

The Freehold is located inside of Aunty Daisy's Antique Shop. The shop is your typical junk store, walking is a little tight, and the front counter has jeweler that seems to be priced too high or too low. The place smells of dust and mold that can't be completely removed from things which had been left in the attic for far too long.

At the back of this store is what looks like a standing long mirror in a polished silver, instead of a mirror the frame holds a door.

Proud Street Home for Children

The Home for Children on Proud Street is a block building from the seventies, pretty much a block of concrete which has a backyard and a front yard. In the Dreaming the building looks more like a old Victorian House, Making it look more like it belongs in Forest Hill Gardens.

Outside is a large statue of a Bronze Statue of a man, the man's name is unknown and the plate is old, but the statue itself has been taken care of.

The director of the Home is a woman who only shows up occasionally leaving many things to volunteers, The most Omnipresent of these is Mr. Bronze. Mr. Bronze is an inanimae a Manikin who sprung to life amount dreams of children saying that the statue was a protector to save them from the monsters of the real and imaginary world.

A nurse kinain also lives in the home along with her children, volunteering her work for free and having an office which she works out of right across the street. Her sons a Sidhe from House Dougal, and a Knocker Kinain have a chimerical forge out of a seemingly empty old shed.

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