Jacoby Charleston S Sheet

Jacoby Charleston

Known mainly as Jack, he is an unseelie, Wilder, Redcap with an intimidating aura that allows those that deal with him to know they are dealing with a predator. In his Unseelie Seeming he is a Beast, using a Pedator's Violence and Cunning to remove the opposition to his goals, and protect his territory.


In his mortal seeming, Jacoby looks to be in his late teens, maybe twenty at most. He has a grin that splits his mouth just a little bit bigger than normal.  His teeth look just a little bit sharper than normal.  

A slight guy with black spiked hair, he is always grinning.  An aura of danger surrounds him, making those nearby at least a bit uncomfortable if not openly afraid.  

He dresses like the 90’s grunge scene is still going strong.  Flannel, white tee, ripped jeans, studded leather jacket.  He has several piercings in his ears and a tattoo down the insides of his arms that looks like trails of running blood that “flow” around his wrists and onto the backs of his hands.  He is pale and far too thin.  Almost starvingly-so.  In the right light, he might almost be attractive in a Heroin Chic way.  In the wrong light, he may even appear skeletal.  All skin and bones.  He just needs some meat on him, and you’re wearing so very, very much….

His fae seeming is very different.  He is heavier set, what he lacks in height he makes up for in bulk.  His face is a charicateur, like if Michael Jackson’s botched nosejob were put onto Crispin Glover’s face and then that face cut off and sewn onto a head just a little bit too small for it.  He always wears something comfortable and loose, giving him maximum range of motion for when he needs to fight or eat.  Ripped jeans and a tee-shirt aren’t at all abnormal.


He’s stronger than he looks.  (Well, stronger than he looks in his mortal seeming.)  He’s a bit above average with his strength, nothing special and nothing unexpected from someone who spends as much time as he can picking fights, but his real skill is in the speed and precision with which he can move.  He is exceptionally skilled with a short blade and not bad with a regular sword.


Jack's thinking could be considered animalistic. Maybe he wouldn't be called smart, he is extremely clever and cunning. He has an eye for detail and an extreme loyalty to those he considers friends and allies.


Jack can be a talker, and his mouth has been known to get him into trouble more than a few times. He can be extremely intimidating when he wants to be, having a knack for finding the right pressure points (literal and figurative) to get his way.

No kill without advance permission. Anything that will radically throw the char off, I’d appreciate if you check with me, else I reserve the right to react uncharacteristically.

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