The Houses of the Sidhe represent the different types of nobility we dream about, not just those given to us by a monarchy but by human dreams and nature itself. Without a house a Sidhe is little more then a pretty face and an awkwardly perfect person.

Some commoners do swear aligence to houses and become members however they do so out of the House ideals striking a cord with their personality and inner self, their inner self does not spring from this as it does with the Sidhe.

Houses are not Seelie or Unseelie by their nature, however in the modern world leader of Houses have started to Swear their Support to one of the two courts. This does not mean that all members of those Houses must be of that court but the House as a whole support that Court being in charge.

Being in all Houses requires an oath of Fealty, Sidhe are automatically assumed to have one, basically if you act opposed to or ignore your House Ideals you suffer a penalty that causes the opposite of your house Boon.

Dougal become poor at Crafting things, Fiona become fearful, Gwydion gullible, Liam callous, with a hard time connecting to mortal and so on.

Seelie Aligned Houses

These are the Houses who's Leaders have Sworn them to the Cause of the Seelie Court. Supporting the year round reign of High King David.



Nobility of Works

Dougal are those who rule through results no intent. Their works speak for themselves weather it be making item or crafting new laws. The Dougal love to leave their mark by building things that will last.

The Dougal will show their worthiness by their results. For this reason Dougals love the Forge and Smithing, it allows them to make wounderous lasting objects.

"When a work lifts your spirits and inspires bold and noble thoughts in you, do not look for any other standard to judge by: the work is good, the product of a master craftsman." - Jean de la Bruyere

Boon: When Dougal Dedicate themselves to a project they throw everything they have into it with an intensity that burns. Once a Month in game time the Dougal can declare something a Project. Any magical means to stop a Dougal from working on their project will fail. The Project can be things such as Chimera or Treasures.

A Dougal never stop a project in the middle so they cannot start a new project until the old one is completed.

Ban: Every member of House Dougal has a physical disability for which they must compensate. Usually these handicaps are susceptible to correction with some cunning device, which house members traditionally craft for themselves. These infirmities are present, although not always visible, in the changeling's mortal seeming.

In all of their work the Dougal must incorporate a person signature. This is often but not always tied to their physical disability, for example a Dougal with one eye may adore most of their works with the symbol of an eye.

Seelie Literary Example: Baron Klaus Wulfenbach

Unseelie Literary Example: Benjamin Franklin



Noblity of the Heart

The Fiona take being passionate to a new level, they are the leaders who lead because they are loved and because their feeling can be so felt it makes others wish to make what they wish a reality. The Fiona throw themselves into what they do pouring their emotions into their rule.

Fiona are fearless in the face of any danger, except a threat to the lives of those they love.

“The Heart wants what it wants - or else it does not care” - Emily Dickinson

Boon: Members of House Fiona cannot be intimidated or suborned through fear and any attempt to do so whether natural or magical, automatically fail. The exception to this are threats to a lover's life, which strikes them in the heart.

Ban: Those belonging to House Fiona are irresistibly attracted to danger. Especially in affairs of the heart, the House of the Lion is drawn to the extreme, falling in love with unfortunate or even tragic results. While it is possible to overcome this impetuosity, those members of Fiona's House who do so become embittered and scornful of all romance, which wins them few friends in their house or elsewhere.

Seelie Literary Example: Alexander the Great

Unseelie Literary Example: Lancelot du Lac



Nobility of Obligation

To these fae, Duty is more than a nebulous concept, to be played at with words. It is almost their very lifeblood, and they reflect that in their lives and in their rule. They strictly uphold their laws and pacts, believing that laws are the only thing that reliably ensures peace. It is common for them to feel bound by even implied obligations, and to enforce the upholding of the same.

Boon: House Gwydion is regularly able to find out if someone is lying to them, this can, though this is not always completely reliable. For some reason not now remembered, nobles of House Eiluned are immune to this scrutiny.

Ban: Whenever their honor is creditably challenged, and also when Wounded, House Gwydion members tend to fly into a rage unless they make an act of extreme will to keep themselves from flying off the handle.

"I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty." - John D. Rockefeller

Seelie Literary Example: King Arthur

Unseelie Literary Example: King David (Biblical)



Nobility of Compassion

Like the Fiona House Liam lead with their hearts, unlike the Fiona this love does not come from a personal attachment, it comes from empathy for all living things. Liam have a particular attachment to the mortals who's dreams they come from and anyone placed in their care.

Liam are the type of leaders to put the well-fare of those in their charge first and foremost. This has gotten them a reputation of Untrustworthy for they may put commoners above or Mortals above fae

Boon: All members of House Liam find it easy to affect mortals. This means socially or with magics.

Ban: House Liam members have problems doing harm to mortals, their love for humans is so great they have to gather their personal will to even attack a hostile human. It is nearly impossible for them to harm children.

"Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge." - William Shakespeare

Seelie Literary Examples: The Happy Prince

Unseelie Literary Examples: Princess Giselle (Enchanted)

Unseelie Aligned Houses

The Houses which have cast in their lot with the Unseelie Court, looking to bring about a new change of the Seasons warning of the Eternal Scorching Summer which will make the Dreaming a Desert.



Nobility of Politics

Described as many as Machiavellian house Ailil are at their best when having to deal and play off others. The Cunning Ailil are the type of leaders who can talk others into backing their views and goals.

Diplomats, Courtiers, the Ailil are so tied to politics that they are able to even gain glamour from politics itself.

Boon: House Ailil are master manipulators, They find it extremely easy to gain insight into how to manipulate someone, they also are all naturally good at politics.

Ban: House Ailil members must force themselves to admit they are wrong only by focusing their willpower, they will then appear gloomy and distracted until they gain some form of success.

"I'm devious, cruel, cunning and addictive." - Anthony Hopkins

Seelie Literary Examples: Pharaoh Cleopatra/Kakita Yoshi

Unseelie Literary Examples: Scar (the Lion King)



Noble Terror

Also known as House Balor and House Aine. The legend is the Lady Founder of this House was ravished by Balor until she bit his ear off and escaped. She said she set up her own keep and was declared a Fairy Queen raising her children to fight against their wicked father.

The Grianne are part Famorian and Part Monster. They are the rulers who rule through fear, they are fear mongers, they are those who use the terror of others to keep them under control.

Do to their nature the every member is assumed to be unseelie, this is not a boon or a ban simply the nature of the world.

"Let them hate, so long as they fear." - Lucius Accius

Boon: If a Grianne can look directly into the eyes of someone they can make a mental challenge to learn their greatest fear.

Ban: Like their monstrous forebears, each member of House Balor has some deformity, be it physical or psychological. This flaw cannot be cured or corrected, but it can be disguised. Due to their duel nature they are at constant battle with the monster inside.

Seelie Literary Example: Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Unseelie Literary Example: Vlad Tepish



Noble Tragedy

The pale women in the tower, the lovers who are separated from one another and die. the dreams of royalty who befall to tragedy are born into house Leanhaun. Not so much a form of leadership but a quality of leaders, Tragedy stalks all of us.

Due to their nature House Leanhaun has the least amount of members, no one wishes to change their house to join Leanhaun and it is not often where even their vessels wish to join the cursed House. Leaving Leanhaun a sad lot indeed.

Sometimes called the Vampires for their almost life force sucking nature.

Boon: Despite their disabilities Leanhaun suffers they are extremely charming for they need to be. As long as Leanhaun have their special dreamer they never age.

Ban: The Leanhaun cannot normally digest glamour, they need glamour that is converted from life force to allow them to do so. In order to get this they select one special dreamer on whom they bestow the ability to create great works of art, and can feed from their life force, and the glamour around them afterward. To do so, however, comes at a high cost.
As long as they have this special Dreamer an Artist they can recieve Glamour as Normal.

The dreamer's life is tragicly shorted. The Leahaun can prolong the artist's life by feeding only once a month but they will never live as long as they use to.

when the Leanhaun's Artist dies tragiclly young the Leahaun, has hard time functioning mentally and ages a year for each month the Artist has been dead, until they gain a new Artist.

"A pity beyond all telling is hid in the heart of love." - William Butler Yeats

Seelie Literary Examples: King Lear

Unseelie Literary Examples: Oedipus the King


Those who refuse to take sides looking for more of a balance instead of dedicated themselves to one of the courts or another.



Nobility of Knowledge

The Witch Kings and Queens of House Eiluned rule through wisdom and Knowledge, it is their strength yet it also is their vice, causing them to get wrapped up in various Schemes and scandal because they can never pass up a good mystery their curiosity is endless.

The Eiluned through their knowledge have also become extremely close to mystical information making them among the greatest Sorcerers of the fae.

House Eiluned do tend to be distant and some times hard to interact with, they are all a little eccentric as the Brilliant often are.

Boon: Renowned for their command of the Arts of Glamour, all members of House Eiluned are excellent with fae Magic. In fact there are no better at the Changeling Arts and Realms.

Ban: It is extremely hard for them not to get sucked into courtly intrigue and lots, they have a ravenous curiosity.

"I'll come to you with gifts of knowledge, wisdom and truth." - Barry White

Seelie Literary Example: King Solomon

Unseelie Literary Example: Morgan LeFae



Nobility of Might

The Mighty have been those people turn to lead them since one cave man struck another over the back of the head. Those who rule by might tend to come in two flavours, those who believe their marshal prowess makes them the authority and righteous and those who think being Righteous gives them Might and the right to rule.

Scathach comes in both these flavours. Given many of the duels fought for changing laws or defending honour are martial in nature it is hard to argue with Scathach's view.

The Mighty Ruler gives those under them someone who can protect them or someone to strike down their enemies. Making Scathach the ideal rulers in the middle ages.

Boon: Those of House Scathach are silent and efficient warriors. They rarely make any sound when entering a fight, they loose sight of almost everything reaching a hypnotic "fugue state" in which the world seems to move more slowly, often giving them the edge in combat.

Ban: Scathach can only leave combat by summoning their will to help them to disengage. During combat they become so focused they cannot speak above a whisper.

"Lets have faith that right makes might; and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it." - Abraham Lincoln

Seelie Literary Examples: Joan of Arc

Unseelie Literary Examples: Conan the Barbarian

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