Gilded Frame Election

The Gilded Frame has recently acquired enough Fae to send someone as a representative to the Parliament of Dreams. Count Goldenfeather has been convinced instead of just sending someone to hold an election. Four Fae where nominated by the Nobility, and three excepted.

Every member of the Freehold will be allowed to vote for their favourite candidate and their second favourite candidate, the votes for the candidate with the lowest number of votes will then go to the voter's second choice.


Lady Rodina

The Count's adviser, healer and a Seerer, Rodina is often a voice of reason and compassion in the Court. Lady Rodina uses her powers to help the Freehold locate newly awakened fae to help them keep from being lost, so she is one of the first fae many members of the freehold have met.

The Lady is not perfect her beloved is seemingly an Unseelie Troll who is not in good standing with many and she comes off a little passive.

Lord Juste

Garry the Troll

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