Felicity's Sheet

Amnestria Felicity O’h-Arain

A Selkie in her Seelie aspect Felicity is a Courtier her personality is one of genuine compassion and kindhearted efforts. True some of her efforts do tend not to go as she would always hope, but behind the actions there is always a good intention. Having been uprooted most of her life, she strives to bring harmony and tranquility to those around her, and often goes well out of her way to attempt to please them.

There are moments however that the kind, unselfish side of her can shift to place herself as priority, often triggered in when things continually go against her efforts or she gets frustrated. This results with her Unseelie Rake coming forth, and she will strive to find and do things that will make herself happy over perhaps the wellbeing of those around her. Her slightly territorial notes in her personality become increasingly present, making it at times difficult to get information or items from her person.


Felicity most often dresses in tight jeans, leather boots that lace to her knees and a variety of tops. It is however not uncommon for her to gravitate towards skirts and dresses when she feels like it. A leather jacket often finishes her outfits and her necklace is always present. The carefully crafted silver chain catches the lights about her, though it is the two abalone crescent moons on either side of an exquisitely carved welo opal that stand apart from most modern crafted jewellery. The pairing almost bringing a section of the sea to rest always close to her heart. It is an item that she is very territorial and near obsessed with, fingers often tracing over it when deep in thought or stressed. Long, deep red hair frames her delicate features and is a striking contrast to her near porcelain skin causing her to have an almost ethereal and surreal beauty. This causes her to stand out no matter how hard she sometimes tries to blend in the crowd. Her eyes are a vivid near aquamarine greeny-blue and tend to reflect her emotions, often darkening to stormy waters when she is deeply upset or angry.

Felicity’s fae form echo’s her birthrights, with deep rich dark red hair falls well past her waist that catches the light about her and always seems to be freshly washed and still damp. The white of her skin holds a slightly gray tint within it, and her eyes draw direct attention not only due to their highly unusual colouring for her kind, but that they are slightly larger than they should be, leaving her with a slightly doe like appearance. Long flowing skirts fall about her feet, most often paired with corseted tops of the same vivid colours. Greens and blues favour her assortment, her feet bare when she can get away with it.


Having been always very active, Felicity holds a sleek athletic build that echo’s that of any serious dancer. Her movements hold a depth of grace that has been achieved through years of rigorous training, now becoming second nature and natural to her lithe being. Standing five foot four inches and holding a curvy build, she will never be a prima-ballerina but it has not stopped her from learning all types of dance that she can get her hands on. Felicity is an energetic, free spirited young woman, that despite her constantly shifting youth is a genuinely warm and easy going individual that has a great level of endurance to make up for her not overly impressive strength.


Felicity is a free spirited, kind hearted young woman that has longed for some time for a place to settle and belong. Due to the constant moving and rebuilding of her life, she is perhaps a little removed at first but to those that she cares for, there is a depth of loyalty and passion for life that is unbridled. Often honest to a fault, Felicity is still naive to much of the darker ways of life and can get herself into real trouble without realizing it. Her strict and mostly sheltered life has left her with a great yearning to experience the world around her, curious of the mysteries that hide just out of view and the many interesting people that inhabit it.


She has a quick and patient mind, that often picks up on subtle cues within a person’s body language and underlying unspoken thoughts. Not overtly book smart, Felicity is not one that will necessarily be quoting ancient literature or be sitting down to solve the next great issues of science. She is however highly observant of her surroundings, her aquamarine eyes often trailing to keep track of those around her.


Unknown to Felicity her mother is a highly skilled Silkie within the House Eiluned.

Felicity has only just gone through the change and is stumbling her way through learning the now new world around her.

She is a highly trained dancer and has some strong skills in drawing/painting. She is very athletic, that had aspirations of becoming a professional dancer.

Her voice holds a lyrical gaelic accent and can speak the language.

Beyond the increasingly odd touches that her missing parents have had on her life, she has a rather large trust in her name leaving her with little of her needs unmet.

Seal type -> Harp Seal. Coat: Silvery grey that shines almost white. http://oceanlines.biz/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/s89-71.jpg

I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not take any hits. I do not want my character killed. I don’t mind if my character is capture and tormented (but would like to be aware of what the torments will be so I can give my consent or not). I would also like her to be rescued eventually. I want to be asked before any sexual contact.


Amnestria, or as most know her Felicity, was born on the rocky cliffs of Ireland nineteen years ago. Born in the middle of the largest storm of the year, her birth remains a topic heavily locked away from public knowledge including Felicity herself. From a young age she has come to realize that her life followed a different sort of tune then most of her young friends, instilling a multitude of social quirks and behaviours within her. Every five years, on the 5th of June, she found herself packing what few belongings she owned to be handed to yet another relative of her extended family. From Great Aunts to long lost cousins she never knew she had, Felicity was shuffled in the dead of night from small county to small county. Instructions her parents had left and outlined in great detail. It was on her fifteenth birthday that she was shifted out of Ireland and to New York to remain with her Uncle Jasper, once again setting herself into a new life. Jasper having never married, lives a more than sheltered life and often leaves Felicity to her own devices, as long as she follows the plethora of rules that are set into place.

The disappearance of her parents has always been a question that has tugged and pulled at her mind, and one that she has been unable to find any real information on. It is as if they simply vanished that dark stormy night, leaving their newly born babe in the arms of her mother’s sister Angie. When asked to describe them her answer always remains that they are eccentric and busy, quickly shifts the conversation to other things.

Despite the strict rules that governed her ever shifting growing years, there were two things that remained ever constant within her life. She holds a deep and insatiable curiousity for the world around her, which naturally has had her wander into more than a few sticky situations in her short lifetime. Yet the most constant and compelling force within her life has always remained the sea. The sound of its waves rolling into shore was like a siren’s song upon her ears, and something she often could not ignore. Her very being often echoed the shifting tides, and despite the state of the water it was a place she could always find some measure of peace. If there was ever question on where she has gone, one could nearly always find her by the water’s edge peering out to the vast sea of blue before her. She once described the sea as the home that would never leave her, and was an inspiration that found its way into most aspects of her art work and interests.

It was a normal day when she arrived home on her nineteenth birthday, yet it was one that would forever shift the course of her life. There on her bed awaited an intricately carved wooden box that seemed to have no way of opening. Upon the top was her family’s crest, rolling waves carefully placed to either side. It took sometime of fiddling with the box’s surfaces before she noticed that within the center of the crest lay a depression that matched the only piece of her parents that she owned, her pendant. Pushing the pendant into place, the box sprung open and the realization that the box was clearly from her parents only ignited her curiosity to blazing heights. What was revealed within it however was something completely unexpected, a silvery white pelt.

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