Esmee's Sheet

Esmee Katia til Poole

Esmee (known as Audrea Fairfax in mortal circles) is the kinain daughter of Lady Charis til Poole of House Gwydion.

To the mortal world she is the heir to her mother's fashion empire. Esmee "retired" from modeling her mother's more exquisit creations when she finished high school and moved on to College. Her family has a detailed history of working in circles of media and politics.

To Fae society, Esmee til Poole is the only heir to her Lady Mother's treasures, and has not yet retired from presenting her mother's skill with creating magnificant clothing. Though she affiliates more closely with the Unseelie court, contrary to her mother's allignment, she is seen as a more often obedient if somewhat headstrong girl.

Within her Seelie mind frame, she is an Aspirant and student of the world; taking what she learns and turning it around into a lesson to challenge the next person intended to encounter it. When Unseelie she feels that it is up to the individual to learn how to put those lessons together; it is the experience and exercise that builds character and one's ability to cope. Her inner Riddler doesn't share her lessons or wisdom directly, leaving the seeker to sift through and figure things out for themselves; even going so far as to intentionally make things difficult for said seeker.


Esmee stands a little below the mid-point of average height for women of her ancestry and bloodline, but carries herself as if she is several inches taller. Her hair is a darker shade of blonde, a honey blonde with darker blonde tones, and her eyes are a dark shade of warm brown. Her flesh also has a warm honey tone to it, even though she is considered fair skinned. No freckles or blemishes upon her lovely face, but her cheeks frequently have a happily rosey hue to them.

She is often seen with a side-bag to carry sketching supplies and a paper pad in, like it is a lifeline. Even if she happens to be carrying a sword in anticipation of swordplay. Esmee dislikes wearing excessive jewelry.


Esmee has a feminine build but is certainly not fragile, her wiry muscles making her stronger than she appears and quicker than one might expect a young lady to be with a sword. She carries herself with grace in her movements, as a lady should, a natural inclination that she feels aids her when she must engage in a physical altercation.


Esmee may seem frequently to be looking at the world and seeing something entirely different, but the reality is this is likely true and considered very normal to the Fae even if it is a rare amount for kinain. She is insightful and has a fine eye for details which may be overshadowed by more obvious qualities. These details often help her to make sense of the larger picture, and "paint" a more accurate reflection of what is happening at a given moment.

She values freedom and honesty, and these values can be seen reflected in her choices. It sometimes seems as if she is afraid of losing these somehow, and worries sometimes this makes her more easily manipulated, however her heart leads her to believe the best in most people. She enjoys on social interaction in spite of being more of an introvert than her mother.


Esmee's mother has more power over her daughter's activities and lifepath than Esmee herself likes to admit to. She is treasured and indulged, but expected to embrace the obligations that come with her blessings with grace and sans complaint. Esmee herself tries to honour her family's obligations while honouring where her heart leads her.

Esmee's income is enough to support her lifestyle without her mother's aid. To her knowledge her mother is unaware, because her mother has yet to protest over this fact.

Esmee doesn't need to be Enchanted to see the Dreaming, and doesn't disclose exactly how much she recalls after Enchantment wears off.

I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not post taking any hits. I do not want my character killed or ghouled. If my character is going to be contained or captured I wish for her to be rescued and I wish to be asked first. I want to be asked before any sexual contact. Player has Trauma Triggers which I will advise of if they come into play, and I expect these to be respected as hard limits. If you have any, and they inadvertantly come up, please tell me so this can be avoided in the future.

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