The Escheat is made of the inherent rights of Changeling as defined by law - not all Changelings abide by them, but they are held in general high regard. Violations of the Escheat are usually severely punished. When they're known about.

Right of Domain

Those who rule over the lands appointed to them are expected to be obeyed and respected; both by commoner and those who Lord over them. In return they deal with conflicts and crimes; both of the petty and major kind.
Right of Ignorance

The less that humanity knows, the better. If humanity knew more about the fae, they would take them under the microscope and knife to dissect and analyze us like frogs in a biology lab. The frog does not survive this process, and neither does the Glamour of our world.

Right to Dream

To bar Mortals from dreaming drains the Dreaming of its power and with Glamour is becoming scarcer and scarcer in the waking world it is nessisary that mortals who still produce this vital substance should not have it taken from them by force. Inspire the mortals to produce glamour via your works and they shall do so.

Right of Rescue

All Changelings have the right to be taken from the cold petrifying affects of Banality. It is a Kithain's sworn duty to help creatures of the Dreaming in need.

Right of Safe Haven

Just as it is our duty to remain hidden, so it is to protect our Freeholds and safehavens. Those who wish refuge, must be admitted. These places must be kept free from Banality and worldly violence.

Right of Life

Like the Glamour of the World, We changelings are becoming rarer and rarer. Draw not cold iron against one another, let not the salt tears of Kithain stain the earth, seek not to bring one of the dreaming against its own. Death is anathema.

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