Emery`s Sheet

Emery Richter Braddock

Emery was born to a normal household in 1995, but he was born different. He had fae blood running through his veins. Knocker blood to be specific. The history of his heritage was kept a secret. Of course his parents never explained it to him and he found himself in a ward for the mentally ill at a young age. He was a kinain and he believed he was a little more special than everyone else. Don’t tell him that he is more basic than the true born however, he’ll have none of it!

When Emery is seelie he is all about being a Crafter, making things work. The world around him fades to nothing more than a shadow in the background. But when the youngman is unseelie he thrives on contact, thrives on sensations and stimuli from those he come in contact with, very much the Cerenaic.


He was always a slender child with long fingers, nimble and quick. Unusual eyes that were ringed with black and had a silvery blue center his facial features were mottled with unusually symmetrical birthmarks. His parents were right away afraid him, they of course didn’t know he was Kinain. He dressed one of two ways. People would tell him what he should wear, or he would ask the pixies or whatever creature happen to be around him at the time.


Emery is graceful, slender and quick. He’s always been a dexterous boy to keep up with all the things he enjoyed doing and playing with. He was always climbing tree’s and playing in nature. Despite his agile nature he was almost fragile, though he had the stamina to keep going when other children would hit him, he was prone to twisting limbs or breaking bones.

Emery is incapable of seeing reality; he is blind to it. His sight is shifted into the Dreaming and therefore, the dreaming is what he sees, all the fantastical creatures and none of the mortal world.


Emery has always been bright. Even as a child. He’s always enjoyed reading. Though he never saw the same stories at the pages. He often saw words as visual stories come to like. He also enjoys making things. It was one of the things that kept him going. Block’s became castles. Bedding became caves. And as he got older he started to take apart toasters and cellphones and made them into extraordinary contraptions. Ones that were meant to do the simplest things. Or simple contraption that solved the more complicated things.


Unfortunately with all this, Emery was considered ill. His sight made him seem mentally unstable. He never looked at adults as he grew up. Never once did he look a person in the eyes. But he would point of and smile clearly stating that he saw a dragon, or some 3 headed cat. He would talk to nothing as if something was there. He spoke and reacted to those within the dreaming. Blind to reality. And so, his parents at a young age placed him in a home. Afraid of him. Afraid of what their son couldn’t do and afraid of what he could.

He is mentally capable of holding normal conversations. His view’s of the world however are skewed as so he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He of course had more imaginary friends then human friend. He is capable of feeling, hearing and touching the mortal realm. His view of it is just different and so that causes a bit of chaos in his life.

He is most definitely a Dreamer because that is the life he lives.

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I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not post taking any hits. I do not want my character killed or ghouled. If my character is going to be contained or captured I wish for him to be rescued and I wish to be asked first. I very much like to get my character into troubling situations and so most anything goes.

However if you think that somthing might bother me, ask. It can't hurt to be sure and I will otherwise tell you. But be aware of your characters actions and take responsibility for the results. My character does have a visual impairment of sorts, please do not assume you are being ignored if I am playing. If you think I have legitimately missed something you are quite welcome to message me.

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