Elaine's Sheet

Elaine Beaumont

Elaine is a slaugh wilder who is affiliated with the Seelie Court, when embracing her Seelie side she gives helpful advice to others acting as a Sage. When Unseelie Elaine delights in the Grotesque taking enjoyment in shocking others.


Despite her weird habits, Elaine puts great effort in her appearance. Her seeming looks like a slender teenager redhead girl with deep and somewhat sad blue eyes (i.imgur.com/efpih23l.jpg for reference). She likes to follow trends but in a way that doesn't draw attention, and always has her arms and hands covered. Her fae mien resembles the seeming a lot, with the exception of her typical Sluagh features: No teeth, glowing yellow eyes and a blue-ish dead pale skin. Her fae self prefers victorian age inspired dresses that rarely show anything other than her neck. She is always very polite and formal to everyone she interacts with.


Elaine isn't particularly strong or healthy, but she does move with more grace than most people. While not particularly athletic, she is fit and agile.


Elaine is a very sensitive and introspective person, capable of relating to people's feeling with ease. She rarely lets her own feelings out however. Though certainly not a genius, she is quite smart and quick thinker. She is never lazy about learning and if a certain subject interests her, she will seek to learn about it as much as possible almost obsessively.


Elaine has a sentient chimerical companion, a 3ft tall grotesque humanoid frog-like doll that resembles a dead creature decomposing. Its 'skin' has a sick green tone with occasional yellow blobs. Its right eye looks like is going to fall from its socket at any moment. Despite its nightmarish appearance, the creature is very friendly and speaks with childish innocence.

Elaine goes to a private school in New York.

Arts: Soothsay 1, Ledgerdemain 1, Wayfare 1
Realms: Actor 2, Fae 1, Prop 1, Scene 1

I do not wish my character killed. I wish to be warned before participating in any life risk situation.

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