Edmund's Sheet (Temp Approved)

Edmund Alexander Phillips

Age: 27 years old (Grump)
Kith: Satyr
Job: Tax Office Support Assistant


In his human form he is a bit scrawny and does not exercise at all though oddly very rarely seems to ever get tired when doing physical activities. In the dreaming he actually has the body of an athlete and a lovely pair of strong horns. Short black hair, green eyes, at the office he will dress in a variety of single colour shirts but his ties will have a variety of pictures on them along with Little Miss Matched socks. Outside of work he will wear quite brightly coloured, stylish clothes. His motorcycle leathers though are usually all black as opposed to the bikes themselves which will have a variety of bright paint jobs. In the dreaming he looks very good. His goat hair legs are neatly trimmed, his hooves are well kept and his horns nicely polished and he doesn't mind showing off his chest.


In the dreaming Edmund has strong, powerful legs that never tire when he's running, he covers ground fast, fully capable of running a marathon and even lifting heavy objects. He is a good shot with a bow, preferring to shoot whilst on the run. He uses a compact composite bow that can fold away which means he can also shoot the bow while riding his motorcycle, as he is also an excellent driver.


At work Edmund is very professional and diligent to his job however he will be the one regularly organising the office events, the Christmas party, the New Years party, the Halloween party, the Thanksgiving party, peoples birthday drinks, end of tax year blow outs, etc. Outside of work Edmund will regularly spend time driving seriously fast on his motorcycles making sure, anything to get his adrenaline running. In the dreaming, he won't involve himself in politics if possible and will just generally look to hav himself a good time, especially if there's a bit of danger involved.


Toules (treasure chimera)

Toules is a 80cm tall life sized gentoo penguin plushie that Edmund has had since birth. He will take Toules everywhere and Toules even has his own custom helmet for when Edmund is riding his motorcycle. In the dreaming Toules is an actual gentoo penguin who speaks his mind and gives a bit of attitude back to Edmund. Toules can carry extra arrows for him.


Edmund has two motorcycles:
KTM 690 Enduro R (bright orange)
Kawasaki Ninja H2R (bright green)


Wayfare - Hopscotch, Quicksilver
Aphrodisia - Fancy


Fae - Manifold Chimera
Prop - Mechanical Device

I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not post taking any hits. I do not want my character killed. If my character is going to be contained or captured I wish for him to be rescued and I wish to be asked first. I want to be asked before any sexual contact.

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