Crystal Circle

Those who are pure of heart may become a member of the Crystal Circle. This group is an elite group of fae, who know more secrets of the dreaming than any other. They're purpose is shrouded in mystery they seem to be concerned about something that is happening in the dreaming and only it's highest ranking members seem to know.


Crystal Seerers are required to have at least, Soothsay, Chronos or Dream Craft at 3. Only those who appear to be pure of heart will be considered for a position. This doesn't mean someone who is Seelie or Unseelie, it's more about knowing that the person will never use the power they are getting for evil. Note not Unseelie but evil.

Typical the most who make this requirements identify themselves as Seelie, and are Sidhe since Sidhe have one extra art they can learn to be considered to be a Crystal Seerer. No Childlings are admitted to this Order.


The Initiate is brought to a sunny glade or a moonlit glen depending weather or not they are identified by the Crystal Circle as Seelie or Unseelie. Seelie at night and Unseelie during the day. There is a cup placed in the center of the area that appears to be in pure silver.

The Initiate drinks from the cup and if they are not truly pure of heart the cup will turn black and the waters in the cup will make then forget. If the Seerer is pure of heart then the cup bears a name while not the subject's true name describes them, they go by this name when speaking with the other members of the Circle and it hides their identity from any tying to discover who they are. The waters this time keeps them from telling anyone outside the Circle they are a member directly.

Lower Ranks

The Lower ranks of the Crystal Circle are charged with helping newly awoken fae find where they need to be, helping related fae, family to find one another again. They also help to establish Freeholds regardless of who controls them, and trods. Many of the Circle end up in the courts of those they aid.

Learning Naming

Naming is such a complex Art that one must be well versed in fae magics before they can learn it. They must have one art at five and then one at four, these can be any Art though many choose to use the Arts that got them into the Circle.

Most member of the Crystal Circle will never learn the higher levels of Naming, the two last levels of this Art are reserved for the highest ranking members.

Highest Ranks

The higher ranking members of the Circle do not tell others what they are doing. However some have reported seeing who they believe to be them talking to strange beings in the Dreaming or venturing into nightmarish realms, there are murmurs that they go to Arcadia and realms that other fae have never seen.


I offer myself for the hope of others,
for that which was lost maybe found.
That which was taken may be given back.

Let my sigh be clear as crystal and
the Circle of Fae life never be broken.

I offer myself to the loyalty of the Circle,
I offer myself to the future and
should my offering ever be spoiled
let my power of sigh be dashed out.

All Crystal Seerers who say this Oath are given a Third Eye of Crystal that all other Crystal Seerers can see and are able to learn the Art Naming.
This Oath is broken is the Crystal Seerer ever takes up Cold Iron1 or uses the Art of Naming Maliciously
If this Oath is Broken then a bleeding scar appears where the Third Eye use to be where all can see and the former Seerer recall their tasks as a Crystal Circle member like they are obscured by the mists. The former Seerer can no longer use Naming and other Arts involving sight or images become harder to use.

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