Courts of the Fae are not so much Morality Paths as they are the very nature of the Changelings themselves. Over the time being raised as humans and living in human bodies the fae have started to loose track of what they truly are, many attaching good to the seelie and evil to the unseelie. The returning Sidhe call this painting the Rose and consider it a crude manner in interpreting the Courts.

The human influence has been to blame for the long reign of the Seelie Court and many mistaking a "Good" Unseelie fae for a Seelie one, artificially swelling the Seelie Court's ranks. After all who paints himself a villain?

The Seelie think they can do the best job of ruling the fae. Of course they will keep everyone organized and everyone in their place, how could the chaotic Unseelie Fae be trusted to return the leadership intact?


Seelie Court


Firy Orange Rose - The Court of Summer.
Do what you know is right.

The Court, sadly as kithain embrace their more human tinted morality is seemed by some as the good court. It is not. The Seelie court is the court of stability and honour. Self sacrifice is place above self indulgence. Like both of the courts this court can be both good and bad depending upon the character's legacy and how they carry it out.

The Seelie put their honour and personal discipline before all.

  • Death before dishonour
  • Love conquers all.
  • Beauty is life.
  • Never forget a debt.

Unseelie Court


Ice Blue Rose - The Court of Winter
Do what you feel is right.

The Court of Change, for good and bad. The Unseelie allow their emotions to lead them, unlike the Seelie's control Courtly love, the Unseelie love like a roaring fire, or hate with bitterness like the cold of a snow storm. Often seen as selfish (not without good cause), the Unseelie have been unjustly seen as evil in modern nights. Misunderstanding going as far to prosecute Unseelie Fae for the crime of being Unseelie.

  • Change is good
  • Glamour is free
  • Honour is a lie
  • Passion before duty.

Legacies and Character Court

When picking your character's Legacy you pick a Seelie Legacy and an Unseelie Legacy. You may pick any of the legacies from the book as long as you can explain why that Legacy Fits your Seelie or Unseelie Nature. The Legacies you pick cannot be the same.

When a Character Goes through their Crystalis they do or feel something that reflects one of their legacies. Which ever Legacy fits is the one that is awaken and the Court the Fae Awakens to.

List of Legacies Quests and Bans









Blue and Orange Morality
Legacies from the Book

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