Charis' Sheet

Charis til Poole

(Dawn Fairfax in mortal circles) is a Sidhe lady Knight to House Gwydion. She was a single parent since her daughter Esmee was just over a year old, and has blended both her mortal hobby and her fae life like well-constructed silk tapestry.

Her daughter is the treasure of her heart, and absolutely everything she does can be traced back to looking out for her daughter’s well-being. The reputation and presence she built in the fashion industry on the mortal side of the mist, and the reputation and effort she exerts within Fae circles. She is well known as a fine mistress of cloth and presentation, and well-connected socially; she takes pride in her work and feeling satisfaction when one of her creations brings joy or fulfillment to the person who wears it.

Charis strongly dislikes chaos and unpleasant surprise wrenches thrown into smoothly and delicately created plans; her Seelie tendencies bid her as a Ringleader who ensures not a single snag presents itself in whatever tapestry or plan is being woven. She cannot abide by failure or second-rate results, least of all in herself, and will allow nothing to bring harm to those she calls her responsibility. By contrast, she is very much a Peacock when Unseelie, her need to be acknowledged as the lady who knows best and is most apt to achieve her results must be fulfilled. Suggestions otherwise, or credit given to another for her efforts are not taken well and not soon forgotten.


Charis’ hair is a rich earthy brown during the light-half of the year, with just enough natural wave to keep it looking young and vibrant; but during the dark-time it is so dark it appears to be a rich black. Despite her mortal age, there is not a speck of grey to be found. Her eyes are a rich blue, and stand out with flare between the contrast of her fair skin and darker toned hair. She never dresses casually, either a dress of some form or a feminine suit; always neat and ready for presentation. Her favourite accessory is a hand-held fan.

In her Fae seeming, her hair is not simply an earthy brown during the light-half of the year but it seems to have been sunkissed with a hue of golden sun tones that appear more noticable when outside. During the dark-time of the year her hair becomes a rich and warm black colour. Her eyes are a happy shade of blue, reminding those who gaze into them of lighthearted laughter. She dresses most commonly in gowns, either simple for daily wear, or more elaborate for court; but regardless her dresses are always exquisite. Even in trousers for the hunt or for war, she appears neatly and tidily well planned. She prefers a bow or a dagger to a bulky sword.


Charis is modestly tall and willowy, though something about her betrays her to be a tough old bird. She has a steady hand and is quick with a blade when call arises for one. A lady’s grace seems to be infused into her, a physical manifestation of her social charm.


Charis has an eye for inconsistencies more sharp than a magpie has for something shiny. She is learned and knowledgeable, and clever at putting together tidbits to discover hidden truths and stories. She has wells of self-discipline and patience, granting her an advantage over the young and those who are still struggling with their own impulsiveness.


The underlying threads of everything Charis does is to provide for her daughter; the poor dear a helpless kinain, at the mercy of both the mundane world and not entirely connected to the Dreaming. This isn’t to say that Esmee wishes to have this kind of attention, but in Charis’ mind as a mother it is her duty to look to her daughter’s best interests regardless, because clearly the girl can’t comprehend what is truly best for herself. Few childlings appreciate the wisdom of their parents and elders, so she views it is normal that Esmee puts up protest – though there are times when she draws lines on this.

Charis is successful and renowned in the fashion industry, her Fae eccentricity blending in well with that particular niche. She is disappointed that her daughter choosing a different path instead of joining her, but fully expects Esmee to “come around” when the girl matures.

For Realms, Charis has practiced Actor up to Familiar Face, and Fae up to Lofty Noble.

Charis has also practiced Sovereign at Protocol, and Chronos including Wyrd and Backward Glance.

I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not post taking any hits. I do not want my character killed or ghouled. If my character is going to be contained or captured I wish for her to be rescued and I wish to be asked first. I want to be asked before any sexual contact. Player has Trauma Triggers which I will advise of if they come into play, and I expect these to be respected as hard limits. If you have any, and they inadvertantly come up, please tell me so this can be avoided in the future.

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