Changeling Sheets


Here is where you put basic information about your character, like their name, and their Kith, House, legacies and how they act them out.

Other tidbits are important here as well, mundane job, if they have rank in changeling society.


What does your character look like, How do they dress, carry themselves? this is where you want to put all this. Also include what their fae form looks like.


Place here what your character is like physical, this is not how they look but rather what they are Physically capable of. Are they strong? are they graceful? This is where you express your physical ability.


His your character smart? a Quick Thinker? Write about it here. Do they pick up on details easily?


Is there anything that you feel has been left out that describes you? Do you have a lot of friends? Do you have a magic sword? Tell us what we need to know here.

Please write down anything that you would like to have happen or do not want to have happen to your character. I never want my character to be killed or I scarred are good editions.

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