Changeling Setting

Here are the Laws of the Fae they are important Escheat.


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Noble Title Changes


  1. Squire
  2. Knight/Baronet1
  3. Baron, Viscount,
  4. Count, Earl, Marquis2
  5. Duke, Prince

Military Rank:

Military Rank is for dealing with situations involving the military and particularly being under attack or going to War. A Ruler may send out an Army but then no really have control over it.

Some House Tile translate to Military Rank, Dougal Title = Half Military, Fiona Title = Full Military, Gwydion Title = Full Military, Liam = No Military.

Ailil = Half Military, Grianne = Full Military, Leanhaun = No Military. Eiluned = No Military, Scathach = Full Military.

  1. Foot Soldier
  2. Serjent at Arms
  3. Vessel Knights
  4. Captain
  5. General

Military Rank can also translate into respect from noble title if nothing else, possibly an ennobling on that level if the House should allow. Vessel Knights = 1.5 Noble Title, Captain = 2.5 Noble Title and General = 3.5 Noble Title

Fae Biology

Rules explaining some biological things about the fae races.

Fae Sexuality and Reproduction

Fae do not reproduce the same way humans do, Fae are born from dreams, generally speaking fae do not bear children. Queen Grianne did reportedly however that could have easily been Balor One Eye's power.

If fae are born from human dreams then can they be related? Have you ever dreamed of the same thing or the same place more then once? Has a dream a friend shared caused you to have similar dreams? In this manner fae can be related. Fae use to be able to recognize a relative by seeing them but now you may need to find a Seerer to find relatives.

So the next question is what about Fae sexuality, the truth is the majority of fae are bisexual. Fae have no use for sex other than fun so they don't find themselves gravitating to one gender out of the need for reproduction. Since the Rite of the Changeling Way was taken now Fae find themselves needing reproduction and developing a taste other than what ever.

Any offspring Fae have the messy human way will be Kinain. Everyone related to the fae will also be Kinain even some retroactively upon the Changeling's Crystalis. A human Oathing themselves to a Changeling can also cause them to becomes Kinain, such as Step Parents, Foster Parent and Oaths of Marriage.

Fae and Mortal Body


Kingdom of Apples
Kingdoms of Northern Ice

Kingdom of Gold

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