Changeling Scratch Pad

Parliment of Dreams NPC

House Speaker, Lady Carmel (Oba Eshu)
Count Fernand, Count of Manhattan
Duke Vogon, Duke from Kingdom of Gold
Governor Pwyffelt (Modernist/Golden Sickle, Pooka)
Lady Sierra ap Gwydion (Cat's Craddle Leader)
Duke Dray ap Gwydion (Evil Guys)
Duchess Luciana ap Liam (Reformist)
Count Thisslebottom ap Ailil (Silver Party)
Dewey St. John Flanders (Fool's Luck pg 94)
Vlad Rogvodov (Redcap Fool Luck pg 99)


Neverlander League (Childling Interest Group)
Traditionalists (Beltaine Blades) - leader Duke Dray
Modernists (Golden Sickle?) - leader Governor Pwyffelt
Reformists - Duchess Luciana ap Liam
Cat's Cradle (Nobles for Socialism) - Lady Sierra
Silver Party (Trod Protection Group) - Count Thisslebottom ap Ailil



High King Always has the power to abolish or pass anything
Should Something Be Passed by 90% of Parliment it must be adopted by all Noblity.
Anything that passes with less than 90% has to be ratified by Local Kings and Queens

High King David's Court

High King David Ardry
Princess Lenore Ardry
Bardon Edgewick ap Gwydion (High King's Chancellor)
Amie (Slaugh Kithbook, Advisor)
Morwen Ardry (king's sister)
Queen Faerilyth (tdb, p99 war in concordia)
Dame Eta Sunbeam; The Giantslayer (Knight, Kith Book Satyr pg48)
Lady Alexandria ap Fiona (Ambassador to Goblin Town)

Other NPCs

Duke Kelodin ap Gwydion of the Golden Sigil, Troll (New York State)
Queen Mab of the kingdom of Apples
Rabid Frank (Satyr Kithbook)

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