Changeling Pcs


Aine Shadebourne

Elusive rare fae who lives with a Satyr, she seems almost child like in her innocence.

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Nocker Kinain

Emery Richter Braddock

A Kinain who sees only the world of the Dreaming and is blind in the waking world.

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Kyle Rothschild

A raven pooka who is a serial student at colleges.
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Lilisa Langly

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Ran Kobbersen

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Chance Shawnesee Mulcahey

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Edmund Alexander Phillips

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Amnestria Felicity O’h-Arain

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Charis Mallt til Poole

A Dame of House Gwydion, Charis organizes things for the Seelie Court with an iron fist in a silk glove.

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Lady Ruby Silvertongue

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Ualan Goldstone

Squire to Kellan Dawnflame and Member of House Dougal

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Vardon Moonvine

Knight of House Eiluned and Unseelie Ringleader

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Knight of House Fiona and Unseelie Comrade

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Sidhe Kinain

Esmee Katia til Poole

Rebellious daughter of a Sidhe of House Gwydion

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Elaine Beaumont

Seelie Sluagh Sage who wishes to go into Medicine.

link to Elaine's Sheet

Mikhail Petya Sokolov

A Unseelie Sluagha Seerer Wilder who lives on his own.

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Bram Kobbersen

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Sir Berenal

A warrior and knight sworn to house Gwydion

link to Berenal's Sheet

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