Changeling NPCs

The None Player Character who are in the game.

Kingdom of Apples


Enid Appleberry

She is a Seelie house keeper and Nanny who uses her great ability with recognizing and identifying fae taking on unawakened fae as her charges. Enid in her Seelie side is a Bumpkin, setting up things in a practical manner to help her charges. In her Unseelieness she is a Craven, never willingly placing herself in danger.

Enid is not offically a member of either court or a House, however there are rumours she has been blackmailed by an Unseelie Sidhe to spy on her former charge Kellen.



The Maestro, a Nocker who composes music and then has the orchestra he built play the music. His Liege is Count Maellan and the Orchestra works beautifully with the acoustics in the hall he holds court in, however no matter how hard he works one note is always off.

In his Seelie side Maestro is a Virtuoso, constantly working to perfect his ultimate musical performance. When he is Unseelie his focus becomes selfish and laser direct, Overcoming all Obstacles as an Aspirant.




Jacoby Charleston

Jacoby Charleston's Sheet



Baroness Uthletha ap Eiluned

The Baroness is a beautiful woman with silver hair, three navy blue streaks of hair that flow down her back, She runs one of the Baronies in Queens. Her Freehold is the Estate of Mirrors, and inside she throws lavish parties for the changing of the seasons.

She sees herself as Count Maellan's rightful Counter Part, she has attacked him twice during Samhein hoping he would put up a playful fight and hand over the County to her, however he has never allowed himself to loose to her.

There is rumour that during the Winter Months she holds a Shadow Court her agents mixing up her laws with Count Maellan's.

During her Seelie time she is a Bumpkin using common sense even when it causes her to think outside the boundaries of normal Kithain life or risk her Honour. When Unseelie she is a Dandy, working towards making friends and climbing up the ladder of success.


Lord Adrian ap Liam

Lord Adrian is a Seelie Humanist who runs one of Count Maellan's Fiefdoms, and believes the only way to heal the Fae is to help them embrace their human sides. Glamour is a two way street and to realize how to help bring back glamour one has to understand the source of Glamour is not Fae or Arcadia but the mortals who's Dreams created the Dreaming.

In his Unseelie form he is a Fatalist finding Autumn encroaching in and causing him to despair.


Lady Rodina

A seer of House Gwydion, Rodina helps to locate many Changelings in the county who have recently gone though their Crystalis. Rodina joined Count Maellan's court when she located the Counts missing Nephew who he was separated from when the Sidhe returned from Arcadia.

There are rumours that Rodina is a Crystal Seerer but no one has ever confirmed this. Adding to this rumour Rodina is mostly Seelie, her Seelie nature is a Saint a kind person who looks to help all those she can.

Unseelie she is a Sage, giving advice to others and then rolling her eyes and maybe even laughing when they fail for not following it.

Count Maellan (Mel-lawn) Goldenfeather

The Count of Queens, Member of House Gwydion. Maellan takes his duty as the local liege very seriously he is a Seelie Regent, and always follow his own ruling. Though it is somewhat clear Maellan appears to be biased against the Unseelie. It is also not entirely unknown that his older sister was one of the Sidhe Ambassadors who was killed on the night of Iron Knives.

Maellan at the very least tolerates Unseelie in his court his biast seems to be a general wariness and mistrust.

In Maellan's Unseelie Legcy is a Paladin, he over comes Challenging situations by changing and adapting, he never turns down a challenge he feel is fair and by that one be believes he can win.

Sir Juste Goldenfeather

Juste seems like a brash youngish young member of House Gwydion, however he is more than that he is Unseelie. Just like his Uncle his Unseelie Legacy is Paladin, jumping into challenges with both feet and hitting the ground running.

He was adopted shortly after his Mortal Host Parents were killed in a riot which had been sparked by tension between the Commoners and the Nobles. Maellan has never seen any reason to inform him of any of this.

In his Seelie Legacy Juste is a Beast, his goal would be to secure his position as the dreaming dictates a Noble and a Leader, using all laws and rules he could to complete his goals.


Sir Halvor

Sir Halvor is the Master at Arms for Count Maellan Goldenfeather, he organizes all defence for the whole freehold. He is a Seelie and sworn to House Gwydion as a Philanthropist he works to make everyone's lives better. His Unseelie tendencies is a Shade willing to face horror without blinking and never letting to much weight on him.

Halvor is extremely loyal to Count Maellan, having trained Sir Juste and Sir Kellen. Taking care of many Gwydion during their Fostering.


Little is known about Garry, whether he is Seelie or Unseelie, what his mortal profession is and whether or not he has a last name. He is merely a mellow guard that seems to be on guard when ever he is needed. Garry is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in whipped cream.


A tall grey-blue skinned troll with miss matched eyes, he was added to the court after being apprehended for kidnapping Lady Rodina. For his punishment he was assigned as her servant for a year and a day and he's never quite gone away.

In his Unseelie Legacy, which seems to be his default, Snorri is a Gadfly, normally quiet and stoic once engaged in a discussion Snorri will not give up until he believes he's won the discussion.

His Seelie side is his practical side, manifesting as a Bumpkin using logic and good old common sense to solve his problems, he will reject solutions if they don't seem practical or logical.

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