Changeling History

This is the House Rules revives History.

War of Trees

The Tuatha De Danaan, representing the higher mental functions of mankind, create the Fae races, weather these are hopes and dreams born from human minds or weather they cause humans to have hopes and dream of more complex desire is unknown.

The Fomorians create their own dream people, the Dark-Kin who where the made from more primal concerns of humanity.

The Kithain, lead the Tuatha to Victory locking the Fomorians away and banishing the Dark-Kin to the Dreaming. Mankind embraced their logical minds and moved from caves to creating villages.

The Mythic Age

The Fae flourished, making vast kingdoms that started to eclipse the mortal kingdoms. The Fae were like Gods walking upon the Earth, making massive cities, reality at the time was so malleable that Fae and Mages rules the Earth shifting it as they liked.

This age is one when everything was real and a stray though could create a dragon or an angel.

Iron Age

Humanity began to define limits for things, and created the bane of the fae cold iron, the world began to follow certain laws and reason set by the humans and the fae kingdoms started to drift away from the human ones.


During the Renascence the drive towards technology by the Order of Reason, the fae world became different from the human one and the Dreaming Became it's own Realm. The Fae have to become more careful and start harvesting glamour through Dreamers, great Artist who they help inspire.

At the end of the Sundering the High King Orders all the Sidhe back to Arcadia with little explanation. Some of the Sidhe stayed behind mostly Unseelie.

Unseelie fae start to become the sole rulers of the remaining Kithain.

Shattering Long Winter

The doors to Arcadia broke from the real world, and the Fae where trapped in the Autumn World, the Remaining Sidhe either all became members of House Scathach or killed by Commoners feeling abandoned by the Sidhe.

Fae limped along as an Winter that seemed as if it would be endless fell upon them, the Fae were forced to tie themselves to human bodies and human bloodlines, creating the Oath of the Changeling Way.

The Courts faded without enough Sidhe to be the exclusive rulers, despite the Changeling Way fae were reborn less and less often. Commoner Kith Leaders became common place.

It seemed that Winter would never end and that the Fae were basically living in their version of a Post-Apocalyptic world.

Trip to the Moon 1902

The motion pictures helped to bring back glamour into the world. In a way moving pictures were magic, and more fae began to become reborn the door to Arcadia cracked open. This point in time is often called the Trip to the Moon for the French Silent film of the same name.

The Ressurgence

In 1969, the Moon Landing took place, the door that had started to open during the early 1900s flew open and the path to Arcadia was free. Glamour filled the world many fae awakened and the Sidhe or many Sidhe returned.

The Sidhe who did return were forced to replace human souls in existing bodies, what happened to them no one can say for sure, the returning Sidhe remember nothing of their time in Arcadia, though they do remember some of the dangers coming to the Autumn World and all they know if they risked their lives to return.

Either the paths to Arcadia only work one way or the doors shut again soon after the Sidhe left. The world however is full of Glamour again.

The War in Spring

The war that began once the Sidhe returned and started laying claim to the new powerful freeholds that opened when the Resurgence occurred. The Fae as natural leaders wished to step back into that position. Some Commoner joined them, the Trolls very notably had more then fifty percent of their numbers rejoin the Sidhe.

Also Commoners had been tainted by human morals, seeing Seelie and Unseelie as Good and Evil, many Unseelie Nobles who wished to connect with their Commoners found the Unseelie they met to be monsters and have fully embraced the concept of evil.

Leaving the majority of Sidhe who had returned Seelie.

Night of Iron Knives

The War in Spring ended when the Commoner leaders and the Sidhe leaders met to talk about making a possible compromise, it looked like there was going to be some sort of compromise between the two sides.

The two groups met inside the same meeting room, while those who has accompanied them came waited outside, the meeting seemed fine though at one point very quiet, it was hours before anyone checked on those in the meeting.

Everyone was dead by Cold Iron destroying their souls. The Commoners blamed the Nobles for killing the Commoners, the Sidhe blamed the Commoners for killing the Nobles.

The two sides broke and they gathered their armies, a lot of them based upon who they thought murdered who. Some Sidhe siding with commoners even though there were few of them.

Accordance War

The Commoners and the Nobles went to war. The Commoners using their area knowledge and familiarity with the Autumn World to give them and advantage.

The Sidhe using their advanced magics and glamour resources to their advantage.

Sidhe Houses which had been neutral for most of their existence suddenly took side, the Seelie Houses taking the lead due to the lack of members for Unseelie Houses and to appeal to Commoners who saw Seelie as good.

The Dream Folk, the First Nation's Fae, joined both sides, the Dream Folk who sides with the Commoners picked the devil they knew hoping to get some Dreaming Resources back. The Dream Folk who joined the Nobility did so honouring ancient packs made with the Sidhe before they left making agreements to be allowed to call up on their old packs.

More of the Dream Folk stayed neutral not trusting either side fully.

High King David

During a major battle where it look like the Commoners may actually turn the balance between themselves and a young squire named David found the sword Caliburn much like the sword Excalibur the sword marked David as the rightful High King.

It's not known who's Army David was in, Commoner or Noble, however once he had the sword everyone bowed to him.

High King David restored the Monarchy but he also Installed the Parliament of Dreams, forming a hybrid of what both sides where looking for.

Peace wasn't easily made, however in time the Kingdom was stabilized.


The High King Rules but he has his supporters and detractors. The Seelie have grasp control, and the signs point to a possible new Endless Winter. The unseelie have all but gone underground because of the popular view of them as evil.

Some of the Commoners still don;t want Sidhe Rule high King or no and some of the Sidhe don't want to have the Commoners impact them in the Parliament of Dreams. Most Fae don't even feel it they lead normal lives and live in normal groups facing the threats of the Dreaming rather then politics.

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