Chance's Sheet

Chance Shawnesee Mulcahey

Chance is a Satyr who prefers the Unseelie Court, Troubadour is his Unseelie Legacy, when in it he pushes towards his goal often ignoring common sense, embracing his love of music and flirtation.

When Seelie Chance is a Panderer looking to make everyone he meets as happy as possible, he often does not take credit for this charitable actions.


Human: Chance in human form is about six foot two with red hair that falls just below his shoulder blade. He has bright green eyes that even without the dreaming dance with a zeal for life and fun. He’s in shape; below his clothing is smooth skin and strong muscle.

Satyr: His dreaming form has solid black rams horns on the side of his head; and red furred goat legs with long, smooth, fur on them and he has a long red tail with a tuft on the end that he has recently discovered he has control of.


Satyr’s are athletic in general; and Chance is no exception. He can run a far distance quickly and leap a good distance as well. He’s of average strength and his hands are faster then one would expect for a young man of his size.


Chance is of average intelligence; unless it comes to music. He only needs to hear a song once to be able to replicate it on his guitar. He’s quick witted and able to compliment anyone smoothly and easily.


Even for a Satyr Chance is Extremely Talented in both singing and playing his guitar; able to play songs on a guitar that people with fifty years of experience and talent would be unable to. His singing voice is a powerful deep voice that covers a great variety of music. He’s also a talented cook; not at professional level but if you see it made on a cooking show Chance can probably make it and make it taste good.


This Realm effects Chimerical beings such as Fae. Basically if it has a glamour rating.
• Hearty Commoner
•• Lofty Noble
••• Manifold Chimera

Inanimate objects that have been made by people, supernatural or otherwise.
• Ornate Garb
•• Crafted Too


This Art is about movement and allows the fae to move with supernatural ability and speed.
• Hopscotch: Causes the Target to hop a long distance. If the target can leap normally the Target can control their movement, if the Target cannot then it is hurtled through the air.
•• Quicksilver: Causes the target to move with supernatural quickness.

Tale Craft
• Agemo’s Blessing This allows the caster to get the mood of their audience, they will pick up on moods suggested by colour ques.

I don’t care what happens to Chance outside of him dying although he does have a 1980’s Black Les Paul Guitar that I would rather not have be lost or destroyed. Anything else is just interesting character background and story! He does have a goal to become a world famous rockstar; but what person that picks up a guitar doesn’t?

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