Carnival's Sheet


Nicholas Carnover now goes by his alias Nick Carnival among banals, or mostly just Carnival. A Satyr wilder, he is a staunchly unseelie fae for most of the time, always looking for the next thrill, love, or experience and to wring the most of it like most Cerenaics. When he does hold to the Seelie code, he gets his pleasure in helping and working with others, a Philanthropist making things better for those who are in trouble.


Despite his reputation as a serial monogamist, Carnival is only slightly better looking than average. He has grey blue eyes and violently dark red hair. His dress is utilitarian, generally long shirt, jeans, leather jacket, good biker boots. He carries himself proudly, nearing arrogance. He looks people in the eye, speaks openly and plainly and has little time for the niceties of rank; but he's not rude, generally. If he likes a woman, or a man, he lets them know. If they reciprocate, he is utterly passionate and creative… for a few weeks, then gives a thankyou gift and goes off again.

In Fae Seeming his curly hair is shot with silver-grey, like a goat's pelt, and he cultivates a pointed beard. His horns are barely curled but he keeps the tips polished and honed.


Wiry, lithe, an fluid in motion, the young man is stronger than he looks. Carnival's greatest strength is his toughness, both endurance and in dealing with pain. He is skilled with more commoner-friendly weapons- hatchets, knives, spears, shields.


Carnival is extremely quick of wit, and very observant, but of average intelligence.


Carnival's prized treasures is a boot knife that chimerically becomes a silver boar spear, and a violin that is well made mundanely, but is chimerical crystal. He plays extremely well.

He is somewhat paranoid about his Mother's arm reaching out for him. And he's been moving up and down the east coast for a while now.
(Treasure, Enemy - mother is still looking for her rebellious boy, Faerie Eternity)

His current crash space is in a rather rowdy student area, and he supplements his resources bartering Satyr Brew for other options on the intoxicant scale, hosting game parties, and throwing epic bashes for other people's places. His main transport during clement weather is a motorcycle, and during colder months a highly modified van, able to hold 5 passengers and including a small padded cargo area.

Arts: Wayfare - Hopscotch, Quicksilver
Metamorphosis - Hidden Form
Pyretics - Wil o' the whisp

Realms: Fae - Hearty Commoner, Lofty Noble
Actor - True Friend, Personal Contact
Nature - Raw Material

No issues on anything that can be done to his person, but I'd like to keep most of his personal effects intact.

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