Berenal's Sheet

Sir Berenal

A warrior and knight sworn to house Gwydion, Sir Berenal is a troll who's already well out of his childling phase, since he's already in his 20s in his mortal seeming. In the mortal world he's known as Ben Taylor, street-level police officer who's currently patrolling a particularly tough part of the, though glad to be doing his part.

When embracing his Seelie side Berenal is a Knight standing by his code and always acting with Chivalry. When embrassing his Unseelie side Berenal is a Comrade placing the people who make him happy above all else even his honour.


In his human form he often wears a simple leather jacket over a tshirt with a pair of jeans underneath, a head of unruly black curly hair over a face that nobody will ever call handsome. It has however been described as open and honest, a face that inspires trust and liking from most people he meets.

In his fae mien he's a 2.5 feet taller then his already sizable 6 foot 6 frame, with deep blue skin and a pair of ivory-wite horns on the top of his head. He's rarely if ever without the chimerical matched sword and shield he was given as a knight, both strapped to his back.


Even his human form is powerfully built and stocky, with large arms and chest. Like every troll he is large and muscled but he's tall and broadshouldered even for that kith. With all the bulk he's not extremly quick but he makes up a lot by pure power, though he is a deft hand with a sword in his hand. When the need is there, he can take a lot of punishment, as long as it's for something he can believe in.


He's not the smartest knife in the drawer, but he's not stupid either, it just takes a little bit for him to think his way through matters others jump to immediately. His voice is deep and a little slow, but it makes him come across as thoughtful rather then completely dull, cause he does have a keep eye for detail, a trait that does him well in his mortal job.


Beranal's most prized posessions are a matched set of a chimerical sword and shield, both engraved with the Gwydion symbol, both seeming to be almost weightless in his hands, giving him tremendous speed in battle. Beranal is profcient in the arts of Primal, up to Oakenshield and Wayfare, up to quicksilver. Realms are Fae to manifold chimera and Prop up to crafted tool,

I don't want to get in combat with someone who wont take hits or auto-hits, I don't want my character to be wounded, maimed, kidnapped or killed without my permission.

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