The Beltaine Blade

The Beltaine Blade is dedicated to keeping nobility in the place they consider to be their rightful place. They believe commoners are robs from their natural work the dreaming means for them to have by trying to fill the shoes of the Sidhe and act ruthlessly to discredit Commoner Kiths turned noble and those who support Commoner Kiths being placed in places of leadership.



The Beltaine Blade believes that Fae need to hold their important personal place given to them by the Dreaming, and that it is the noble's job to enforce that. Those who do not enforce the wishes of the Dreaming are traitor to the Fae. The group is extremely secretive and often members will not know who one another are.

  • Protect the Old Ways
  • Protect the Sidhe Right to Rule
  • Protect the Commoner's Right to be Who they Are
  • Let Nothing come Between you and your Duty


The group uses blades in Seelie Court Colours, a Copper coloured hilt, often with a read wrap around the handle. In some cases the knife will be depicted stabbing a rose often coloured like the Unseelie Court Rose. The meaning of this is the Seelie which is also short hand for status and tradition, stabbing the Unseelie which stand for chaos and change.

Member Pool

Only Sidhe are allowed to be members of the Beltaine Blades. They rarely allow Unseelie members because Unseelie Houses and Sidhe often support Commoner Kith Nobles. Commoners are not admitted, the group validates their movements against those who they maybe


The Beltaine Blades operate in secret, they will hire commoners as spies and assassins but they never tell those they higher what they're true reason for hiring them is. After all Commoners need not concern themselves with such things. The Blades will act nice to the faces of their targets however they will express mild concern with Commoners taking a noble title.

Cold Iron is not beyond the Blades however they rarely get their hands dirty.

Oath of Disloyalty

This Oath allows the Swearer to then take another Oath later, the Oaths must be taken within Three days of one another, the Oath of Disloyalty must be taken before the Oath the Oath taker wishes to avoid.

The Oath will manifest what ever mark the Oath taker wishes to avoid, however something will be off about it and they will not gain any benefits. The Others who are involved in the Oath have no difference effecting them.

The Oath taker must try to undermine the person named in their oath to the degree stated if they stop working on this for over three months they suffer as if they broke the oath they wished to avoid being bound by.

I declare _ _ _ _ _ _1 To be an Unworthy Leader.
I will not serve him I ask for a reprieve from swearing to him.
I declare I will not rest until he is _ _ _ _ _ _2
Let the Dreaming know my true intent
Let my honour be preserved
despite what I must do.

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