Basic System

Elegant System Rolling

Each Player Begins with one d10

If the player has a Quality that would help the roll they add + 2d10 to the roll.
If the player has an ability that helps they add + 1d10
The player then rolls their dice taking the highest.

6 – is one success
7 - is two successes
8 - is three successes
9 - is four successes
10 - is five successes

If you roll below that you fail

5 – Straight Fail
4 – Straight Fail
3 - 1 Botches
2 – 2 Botches
1 – 3 Botches

a player may BURN a Quality to give themselves 2 Additional dice. This Quality is considered gone from the character until the next day in character or the next session, storyteller's discretion. Qualities may also be BURNED along with a Willpower point for a Quality not on the sheet.

The storyteller may determine a roll should not be made unskilled, at this time if the player does not have the Ability for that roll they receive a -1d10 penalty. An Ability maybe BURNED to negate this.

A Willpower Point maybe BURNED at any time to bring back all Burned Abilities, it may also be burned to add a + 2 to the total on the highest dice.

Regaining Willpower is Specified by the Game for say a Mortal it would be for-filling their Nature.

If a player or the storyteller wants to make things harder for you they can either bid a negative Quality you have which gives you a – 2 to your highest dice. They may also choose to BURN a Negative Quality and give you – 4 Dice, this Negative Quality cannot be used against you until the next storyline if it is BURNED.

Should your dice pool drop below One for each dice below one roll an extra dice and take the lowest number all benefits or negative that would go to the highest now apply to this dice.

Everyone states the Action they wish to make, any positives or negatives they wish to inflicted upon someone else.

Everyone then rolls. The Highest roll goes first and down the line any actions that would negate another do so. If two players get the same number then they are considered to go at the same time.

There are three Combat Statuses, Grappled, Unconscious and Dead. A player who wishes to inflicted one of these statuses on another character declares it in combat. These Statuses can be negated in different manners. Grappled needs a successful action roll against the person grappling them. Unconscious can be negated by spending Points from your Health Pool and your Physical Qualities as is the Same with Death.

At any point a player may choose to except a Quality weather then doing something to negate it.

A Character has Two Health Pools and in Some Special Cases a Third. The First Health Pool is Bashing Pool. Mortals have 3 Points in this Pool, while Supernaturals have 5, these points can only be used to negate blunt or Bashing Damage. The Second Pool is the Lethal Pool. Mortals have 1 Point in this pool while Supernaturals have 3, this is for things like being shot, or stabbed. Some Super Naturals will have an Aggravated Pool, this can be used to negate damage from supernatural sources or things like fire which cannot normally be soaked With Health Pools.

A Lethal Point can also be used to negate Bashing should the player decided to spend it so, or an Aggravated Point to Negate Lethal or Bashing, however points cannot be traded the other way.

After Someone's Health Pool is gone a player may choose to begin using their Physical Qualities to negate damage. This Symbolizes your character going into extreme distress to fall Unconscious, such as loosing Agility because their arm has been broken. When you run out of physical Qualities you must except the Status.

Bashing Pool refills after a good nights sleep and Lethal Pool At a rate Determined by the Storyteller. Physical Qualities lost in this way are returned for Storyteller digression.

When something is Burned that means it is used and is effectively gone, this either comes back after a full night's rest, or until the next story, this is at the discretion of the storyteller.

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