Your typical fae knows about 3 Arts.

Arts are the effects that a fae's magic has.

Basic Arts

These are the arts that any and all Kiths can learn easily.


This Art is based on trickery and deception.

Fuddle: Changes someone's perception in a minior way. Throw a rock and make them think they hear foot steps, mistake a person for another. One ID for another etc.

•• Veiled Eyes: Causes observers to ignore the target of the Cantrip, this isn't turning the target invisible, observers just see them as somebody else's problem.

••• Fugue: Allows the Caster to remove memories from a target.

•••• Haunted Heart: This Cantrip allow a target to remove memories to change the feelings of someone for a short period of time.

••••• Captive Heart: This allows the target to believe they are anything the Caster wants for a Maximum of 2 hour. The target may believe they are a celebrity, someone they know, an animal, or an inanimate object.


This art moves things physically and makes Illusions.

Gimmix: This allows a fae to magically extend their grip, they cannot do fine manipulation however they can move object, this does not allow them to punch however you could pick something up and hit someone else with it. Since this isn't using your mind but extending your grip you must still make the motions with your hand.

•• Ensnare: Causes the target to be immobilize, or flung around like a sling shot. a Maximum of 300 lbs can be moved. This is not fine control this is a straight line like a shot.

••• Effigy: Makes an exact copy of the outside of something. This copy cannot move on it's own the copy is only skin deep, for example a book would only have writing in it if it was open when it was copied and all the other pages would be blank.

•••• Mooch: Takes Something in plane sight and places it in the Caster's possession.

••••• Phantom Shadows: This allows the caster to make a Chimera of it's liking, the Chimera will automatically know what the caster wants it to do, this Chimera can be released and may stick around, this can only be made to exist in the mortal realm by great concentration.


The base and Primal forces of the Universe coming to the aid of the Fae.

Willow Whisper: Allows you to talk to anything you have the realm for.

•• Eldritch Prime: This allows the Caster to create basic elements it can be used to attack or defend, weather this defense or attack is successful depend on weather or not the caster has the realm they are looking to defend or attack against.

••• Oakenshield: This makes the target of the Cantrip more Durable allowing them to resist more damage then normal.

•••• Heather Balm and Holly Strike: Allows the caster to heal or harm things.

••••• Elderich Form: This allows the Caster to turn something into something else for the Maximum time of a Week. The new form will take on all the properties of their new form so if they turn their dog into a Werewolf it will have all the abilities of a Garou. Nothing says this being has to obey the caster.


The Manipulation and Observation of Fortune and Fate.

Omen: Receive clues to the nature of the target or the plans of the target. These however are only clues or hints and very vague.

•• Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair: Make the targets good luck bad or bad luck good for a limited time.

••• Tattletale: Allows the Target to be watched from a distance.

•••• Augury: The player describes a scene that WILL happen however the circumstances of the scene are left up to others. They may describe someone kissing them but it may in fact be a copy made with Elderich form or various other circumstances.

••••• Fate Fire: This Cantrip causes all of the "Karma" saved up by the target to come about. This can be good or bad.


This Art is about movement and allows the fae to move with supernatural ability and speed.

Hopscotch: Causes the Target to hop a long distance. If the target can leap normally the Target can control their movement, if the Target cannot then it is hurtled through the air.

•• Quicksilver: Causes the target to move with supernatural quickness.

••• Portal Passage: Allows the Caster to place a Portal through the Target, this will not kill any living creature. The Portal can be a maximum length of ten feet long and will only last for a limited time.

•••• Wind Runner: Allows target to fly, the flight is controlled by the recipient and last for a limited time.

••••• Flicker Flash: This allows the Target to teleport to Other location the time it takes can be Instantaneous or an Hour. The caster must have been to this location before or have an object from that location.

Rare Arts

These Arts are also available to all Fae but are harder to discover.

Dream Craft

The Art of Understanding and changing the Dreaming Itself

Find the Silver Path: The Silver Path is the only stable part of the dreaming, this allows the user to detect if there are any Silver Paths in their area.

•• The Merry Dance: When the dreaming changes this allows the caster to influence what appears, what they make appear is influences by what realms the caster possess. This only can be used when the dreaming changes.

••• Anchor: Allows the caster to solidify the dreaming to a certain extent. Allowing the creation of a Trod, or freehold depending upon the realm and how close you are to the mortal realm. they can only solidify what is there unless they use Dream Weaving First.

•••• Dream Riding: Allows the Changeling to enter the dreams of others and locate their dreams, depending on the Realm for the dreamer.

••••• Dream Weaving: Allows the Changeling to craft more massive parts of the dreaming, creating great structures and the like for short periods of time.


The Manipulation of Magical Fire and Light.

Will 'o the Wisp: creates a small light that leads the caster to the target of the cantrip, depending on the Realm used.

•• Willow Light: Causes the subject of the Cantrip to glow in a manner that is up to the Caster.

••• Prometheus' Fist: Engulf the subject in flame and allows them to inflict damage if they are touched.

•••• Burn and Boil: Engulf the target in flame however this is normal fire, stop drop and rolling will put it out and it will catch other things on fire. It is out of the Caster's Control.

••••• Star Body: This turns the Target's Body into Light allowing them the limitations that light itself has, so the target can travel at extreme speeds and pass through clear items like glass windows. For the target to physically interact with things they must be turned solid again by the caster or the cantrips time must run out.

Sky Craft

Manipulation of the weather.

Thunderclap: Allows the Caster to cause a flash of lightening and a clap of thunder, centered on the target of the Cantrip. This can add dramatic effect, or daze and cause fear.

•• Compass Wind: Allows a wind that will blow towards the target and guide them in a direction of the caster's choosing. Commonly used to fill a ship's sales.

••• Dark Sky: Allows the Changeling to Darken the Skies around the target of the Cantrip. This can make things Ominous or Obscure vision.

•••• Storm Craft: The Caster can Summon a Storm above the Target of the Cantrip, anything from strong winds to hail.

••••• Call Lightening: Allow the Caster to call down a bolt of Lightening on the Target of the Cantrip.

Exclusive Arts

These Arts are the ones which have a ban upon them not allowing others to learn them.


This Art allows control of desire and want, this Art can only be learned by Satyrs, members sworn to House Fiona or Leanhaun.

Fancy: Allows the target to be immediately appealing to those who see it for the first time. This only effects first impressions.

•• Yearn: This causes the target of the cantrip to suddenly have a great desire for something, though this is only a flash of want and fades quickly.

••• Covet: This causes the target to have a desire for something, they are still rational and able to exerts self restraint, however the object is moved up in the character's priorities.

•••• Crave: The Target will no longer be rational about the target they are meant to be passionate about, they will however not risk the things closes to them, love, friends themselves. This is not permanent.

••••• Need: The Target will throw all caution to the wind and do everything risk anything for what they have been made to desire. This only last an Hour at most.


This Art Manipulates Time itself and can Only be learned by Sidhe.

Wyrd: Time Becomes Fluid and Confusing to a Target, or the series of events behind a target become muddled.

•• Backward Glance: Allows the Caster to quickly look into the recent past of the Target.

••• Dream Time: This Cantrip causes the target to believe it has been seriously effected by time. either it slowing down or speeding up. This Cantrip can cause the target to seem to age or it's aging to slow down. The effects can be ended by an act of will from the target.

•••• Permanence: Allows the length of a Cantrip to be increased to a maximum of ten times the original amount.

••••• Reversal of Fortune: Allows the fae to Undo something to a maxuim of five minutes to basically get a do over. The event needs to be focused on the target of the Cantrip.


This Art Control negative Emotions, this Art can only be learned by those who have taken an Oath of Loyalty to the Shadow Court.

Mockery: This causes the target of the Cantrip to seem absurd and encourages other to find malicious amusement at the target's actions.

•• Disobedience: This removes the targets inhibitions about confronting authority figures, the target sees themselves on the same level as or better than the authority figures in their lives. This doesn't cause the target to do anything out of character.

••• Insolence: The plants the inspiration to riot or act up, it can be overcome with an act of will. Scene can help to cause this effect a group of people.

•••• Devil’s Advocate: The target can be convince of the opposite of something they have expressed an opinion on for a single scene.

••••• Condemnation: This causes the target to be rejected by those around them for a period of time that an be as long as a week. However those effected to reject can overcome this with an act of will over time.


This Art controls disbelief and Self delusion, it can only be learned by those sworn to the Shadow Court.

Innocence: This Art causes the target to seem completely innocent in the position they are in. This illusion fades if the facts are gone over too much.

•• Facade: This Art enhances any disguise the target is wearing for a time. A drawn on Mustache will appear real. A bottle of Grape Juice with red wine written on it will appear as Alcohol.

••• The Mists of Memory: This Art can be used to erase the more unsavory acts of a target, causing them to forget they have done something they would consider mortally apprehensive.

•••• The Depths of Will: This Art causes the Target to perform an Act that seems innocent to them and then forget about it afterward.

••••• The Darkest Heart: This causes the target to perform a dark desire they have hidden away in their heart. Kill a Rival, harm a lover, this must be something the target wants but knows would be wrong.


This Art aids in the Making of Chimera and Treasures, it is learned by Nockers and Members of House Dougal.

Discerning Eye: This allows the caster to see the hidden properties of Chimerical Objects.

•• Craft Special Chimera: This allows the Caster to make Chimerical objects with special qualities, like using a Dragon's Blood to temper a blade and cause it to become hot etc.

••• Earthly Twin: Allows you to bind a Chimerical object to a physical one creating a Treasure.

•••• Art of Dreams: This allows the Caster to put any form of Art they possess into their creation. This can only replicate a Single Art Power.

••••• Craft Master: This Art allows the Master to find materials that will cause his creations to manifest any one power of an Art in his work.


This Art controls the cold, it can only be learned by Trolls, Selkie and Artic Animal Pooka.

Cold Shock: This makes the target bitterly cold, no medical damage is done however there is sever discomfort.

•• Gelid Rime: This covers the target with a thin film of ice slowing it down or jam things like locks.

••• Frost Facsimile: This can recreate the target for the caster in ice. However creatures have no autonomous movement nor a mind.

•••• Crystal Prison: Encases the target in ice, this can be dangerous if the target's head is covered.

••••• Cold Heart: This Cantrip mystically freeze the target, make them immune to poisons and toxins, however they may shatter. This effect is rarely permanent and can be broken by True Love's Kiss.


The manipulation of size and shape, this Art is basic for Commoners, Sidhe can learn this Art but it is rare.

Hidden Form: This cantrip allows the target to be camouflaged, this doesn't mask smell or sent, and if the target moves around too much they are likely to be spotted.

•• Impersonate: This allows the caster to make one target superficially appear as another.

••• Go Ask Alice: Allows the Caster to make the target smaller or bigger.

•••• Merlin's Lessons: Turn target into a natural animal of the caster's choice. This only lasts for a limited time. The target gains all the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen animal.

••••• Mythic Transformation: Turns the target into a Mystical Creature of the Caster's Choice. They gain all the advantages and disadvantage of that creature and are not necessarily under the caster's control. This last for a limited time.


This Art deal with True Names and Runes, Only persons sworn to service in the Crystal Circle can learn this Art.

Seek and Spell: The Caster may understand any text in any language or code as long as the subject of the text is covered by a realm they possess.

•• Rune: Lock another Cantrip inside a object inscribed with a Rune this can either be a trap or for beneficial use.

••• Runic Circle: Protect the Target against all Supernatural powers for a scene. This stops both negative and positive effects.

•••• Saining: This is used to discover a target's true name, however you can only uncover so much of the true name at a time.

••••• Reweaving: Allows the target's true name to be changed to make them into something else permanently.


The art of command an leadership, it can only be used by a True Noble, Only a Sidhe or a Oba Eshu may use this Art.

Protocol: This causes the target to act with manners and decorum.

•• Dictum: This Power allows a the Caster to make a reasonable request of the Target that the Target must for-fill in the spirit. However the target will know this power was used on them.

••• Grandeur: This power causes the target to fall in awe of the caster, they cannot take any action against the caster even if attacked.

•••• Weaver Ward: The Caster causes the target to be unable to enter through a door or passage.

••••• Geasa/Ban: The Caster can charge the target with a Quest they must fulfill or forbid them from doing a certain act. The subject must follow the letter of the instruction or face a curse.

Tale Craft

This Art involves Magic related to Stories, Most Commonly known by Eshu, though Boggans, Satyrs, Pooka and Slougha may also learn, in Rare occasions members of House Eiluned may also learn this Art.

Agemo’s Blessing This allows the caster to get the mood of their audience, they will pick up on moods suggested by colour ques.

•• Flickering Firelight: This allows the caster to make shadow chimera which will act out their tale they have no other uses. They vanish when no longer in the story.

••• Murmur in the Crowd: Allows the caster to slowly alter the moods of Target who are listening to them.

•••• Sticks and Stones: This allows the Caster to do damage with harsh words however this damage is only ever chimerical.

••••• Moment of Truth: This allows the Caster to bring something from the story into reality the item is dictated by the realm used. The item will appear where ever the Caster leaves it in the tale. It must be feasible for this item to have been there the entire time without the other characters knowing.

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