Aine's Sheet

Aine Shadebourne

Aine (pronounced – Awn-yeh) is a Clurichaun wilder (age 17). The mortals in her neighbourhood know her as Anne Sheridan who lives with her guardian Terry Greyson (regularly out of town on business) and his son Sean. She came to live with them when she was a child and has earned her keep by taking care of house and home ever since. In reality, Aine has only ever known Sholto (Sean) as her guardian and mentor – his ‘father’ Terry is only a figment produced now and again to allow the pair to live freely despite their mortal age.

When embracing her Seelie side, Aine is an Orchid, enjoying a life of child-like innocence. When embracing her Unseelie side she is a Fiend, doing and taking what she wants (just like a young child) even if it hurts a friend.


Aine has grown from a precocious child into a beautiful young woman. She still looks younger than years and more than one person has commented on this fact. She has an air of innocence to her.

She has long, silvery-white hair that flows down to her knees and porcelain white skin. These two aspects draw attention to her vivid ruby eyes that seem to sparkle and shine with gold flecks in their depths even in the darkest of nights. Her pointed ears are also visible in her mortal seeming so she tends to wear her hair loose in order to cover them or sculpt them with a small use of Facade to keep prying eyes from raising interesting questions. She wears whatever Sholto gives her, which is varied, but always tasteful…in public.

One item she wears most of the time is a long red ribbon in her hair.


Aine is lithe and quick on her feet, having had dance lessons with Sholto since he saw promise in her as a child. She doesn’t rely on strength if she gets into a melee but has been taught the basics of fighting with blades, fists, and what she can find on hand. She has a relatively weak constitution when it comes to taking blows and so tries to stay out of a fight if possible.


Though shy, Aine is charismatic once she gets to know people. She is polite when speaking to anyone: friend or stranger. She has learned to manipulate people if need be, but she doesn’t lean on that crutch. In her studies she is quick witted and a quick study. Her recall is almost supernatural in how much she retains. She is imaginative and caring as well as dedicated and stubborn in her studies and convictions. Aine is well read and speaks/reads a few different languages (English, Latin, Russian, Gaelic/Ogham, German, and French)


Sholto Greysummer (aka: Sean Greyson) is an Unseelie Satyr wilder (age 21) who makes a good living as a well known underground house/trance music producer and performer going by the stage name Bacchus. At his events he ‘dresses up’ as a horned humanoid while he works and is always backlit and wears a mask to keep his real identity secret. His events are known to get a little extra rowdy at times. He is Aine’s mentor and guardian; having taken care of her since she was child and went through her Chrysalis. He is not always a kind mentor – often times abusing Aine when he gets angry. Sholto is also not the most stable of individuals and has done quite a lot to make Aine love him. He has taught her in what he thinks is important (which doesn’t always match up with Kithain society at large).

Sholto calls Aine his sweet songbird as she has a wonderful singing voice. He has used her in some of his mixes as well and gives her a meager cut of the proceeds when he does.

Aine has learned Chicanery up to Veiled Eyes. She also knows up to Facade in Delusion and knows the first powers of Metamorphosis, Primal, and Pyretics. Sholto has also taught her the first power of Aphrodisia.

Aine knows up to Familiar Face in Actor, Lofty Noble in Fae, Crafted Tool in Prop, and Chamber in Scene.

Aine owns a chimerical katana blade and a mundane dagger that has a snake curling around the hilt, its mouth opening at the pommel to hold a garnet in its mouth. She has chimerical clothes as well.

Aine relies on Sholto’s resources for the most part to keep herself clothed, housed, and fed. She has her own room in a large house they share.

I do not wish to be in combat with someone who will not take any hits. I do not want my character killed. I don’t mind if my character is capture and tormented (but would like to be aware of what the torments will be so I can give my consent or not). I would also like her to be rescued eventually. I want to be asked before any sexual contact.

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